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   Chapter 366 What's Wrong

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"Is there any news about Edward?" Nancy asked nervously.

"Yes, I'll go and have a look. Just stay at home." Said Charles, putting on his coat.

"I want to go with you!" Nancy followed him.

"You are a woman. You'd better stay here. It's dangerous to go there." Said Charles as he went downstairs.

"I will be more worried if I stay at home. Charles, you'd better let me follow you." Said Nancy stubbornly.

Charles didn't say anything more.

"Doris has always been careless and unreliable. Can you believe her words?" Nancy asked suspiciously.

With a smile at the corners of his mouth, he kept silent for a while and said, "Maybe she was wrong. Let's go to have a look first!"

"I hope she's not mistaken. Edward has been missing for two days!" Nancy prayed.

Charles drove Nancy to No. twenty-one, North Sea Road.

Nancy was nervous. She didn't know what she and Charles would face.

"Let's call the police, shall we?"

When Nancy was in danger, the first person she thought of was the police.

"We haven't figured out the truth yet. It's not appropriate to call the police." When they arrived at No. twenty-one, North Sea Road, Charles stopped the car and said.

After all, it was a call from Doris. It was not sure whether the news was true or not. If it was false, it would be hard to explain if they disturbed the police.

"Whose home is this?" Asked Nancy.

"I've checked it. It belongs to a man named Tom. I don't know him before! Edward knows him?"

"No, I've never heard of it from him!" Nancy also knew most of the people Edward knew.

But it was the first time that Nancy had heard of this name.

Charles looked at the courtyard. It was a shabby scene, as if no one lived there.

Did Jay's subordinate mistake him for someone else?

But Charles didn't think so. Jay had seen Edward's photo before. If it was the result of his interference, then he should have given Edward's information to his subordinate.

What was wrong?

He got off

rles? Did Edward get out?"

"Yes, he has been saved." Charles scolded him in a soft voice, but his eyes were full of smile.

"Did Derrick do this? I guess..." Jay wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

"I guess so. I'll tell you when I get some news!" Charles ended the call.

"Derrick? He doesn't know Edward. Why did he kidnap him?" Nancy asked helplessly.

"Nancy, don't worry. I will find the answer soon!" Charles lit a cigarette lazily and said, "Let's go home. The kids are at home and I'm worried about them."

Speaking of the children, Nancy felt her heart ache.

She hoped that those bad guys wouldn't hurt the children!

On the second morning, Edward hadn't come back yet.

After sending the children to the kindergarten, Charles went straight to the police station.

He asked Nancy to ask for leave and wait for the news at home.

Today, the result of the paternity test came out. Angelina came to the hospital early.

She soon found the doctor and got the result of the paternity test as she expected.

She was very happy, because this result was what she wanted.

So she gave the rest of the money to the doctor without hesitation.

Nurse Li didn't know Angelina. She went to get the test report for a patient in a hurry and happened to touch Angelina's shoulder.

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