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   Chapter 365 He Is Family

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6283

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"Nancy, I find that sometimes you have a strange thought. That's Edward's home. Isn't it good for him to go back? What are you worried about?" Charles said in a jealous tone. Apparently, he was jealous again.

"I'm looking forward to it, too. Charles, where do you think Edward is going?" She sighed worriedly.

"Well, maybe he has done something wrong. Well, let's leave him alone. Let's go!"

"You can be jealous of anyone except Edward. He is my family. Do you understand?" Then she held Bobby's hand and asked, "Bobby, do you think we should go to the hotel or Edward's house?"

"I... I'll listen to you. But I'm also worried about Uncle Edward. Where on earth has he gone?" Bobby faltered.

"Yes, daddy. I think Uncle Edward's house is also very good. Let's go back, okay?" Nadia shook his arm obediently.

Charles was always easy to compromise in front of his two children.

"Okay," he said.

After saying that, Charles opened the door and the children got into the car happily.

When they arrived at Edward's villa, looking at the dark yard, Nancy couldn't help but feel dejected.

"Mommy, Uncle Edward is a good man. It's okay!" Nadia came over and comforted her.

Nancy kissed Nadia's hair and said, "Mommy knows!"

"Nadia, isn't Daddy a good man?" Charles asked.

"Of course Daddy is also a good man. You are as good as Uncle Edward!" Nadia answered seriously.

Nancy was amused by Nadia. "Nadia, you gave a good answer!"

Bobby said angrily, "Nadia, you should say that Daddy is better than Uncle Edward!"

"Yes, Bobby is right. Nadia, remember, Daddy is better than him!" Said Charles.

"Why?" Nadia asked in confusion.

"Because you are Daddy's children, not Uncle Edward's." Charles emphasized proudly.

"Well, stop talking nonsense with Daddy. Get off the car!" Nancy opened the door and got off the car with Nadia in her arms.

Nancy sniffed. She was really worried about Edward. If something happened to him, she would owe him for the rest of her life.

So did Charles.

Who would kidnap Edward?

Was it Derrick?

When Charles thought of this, his eyes lit up. The reason why Derrick kidnapped Edward was too obvious. He just didn't want him to clarify the rumor about Nancy.

Now the rumor of Edward and Nancy had been widely known.

If Edward didn't clarify it, the relationship between them would be confirmed. So

Charles felt a chill on his back. If Edward didn't collude with Joseph and was really kidnapped by him, he would feel sorry for Edward. After all, he misunderstood him!

Charles waited anxiously for Edward's news.

And Nancy was also restless!

At this time, Jay called them.

"Alas, why is Jay still making trouble at this time?" Said Nancy, glancing at Charles.

Charles walked out with his phone, "Hello..."

"Charles, Doris told me that she saw a person who looked like Edward at No. twenty-one, North Sea Road today!" Then he handed the phone to Doris.

"Oh, Charles, I saw Edward at No. twenty-one, North Sea Road today. Send someone to have a look." Shouted Doris anxiously.

"I'll do it right away!" Charles ended the call.

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