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   Chapter 362 At Risk

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6333

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"Everyone, calm down. No matter what happened to Nancy, I don't care. I love her. As for her marriage, it's a lie. She has never been married at all. It's Joseph's nonsense!" Charles said seriously.

"That's right. When did she get married? Derrick, don't you want to see Charles happy? And you, Joseph..." Pointing at Joseph's nose, Angelina said, "I treat you as my own son at home. These days, I have been very good to you. They have seen everything I have done for you, including dad and the servants. But I never thought that Joseph, you ungrateful scumbag, is even more ungrateful than your father!"

Joseph was just a playboy, so he didn't take Angelina's insults seriously.

With a cheeky smile, he walked up to Angelina and said, "Auntie, I did it for your own good. Why do you think I'm so bad? Unlike you, I'm not as wily as you. You have found so many women for me every day. I know that your purpose must be to make me immersed in the women and not to compete with Charles for the TS Group, right? Auntie, don't worry. I don't want the TS Group. I want the shares. Half of my brother's shares are enough!"

"No way!" Angelina was so angry that she almost fainted.

"No way? Ha ha, Grandpa, is that so?" Joseph looked at Frederic.

At this time, Frederic's face turned red. He really didn't expect that Derrick would bring the reporters home as soon as he came back.

He usually had a rest at this time.

He just heard the servant say that Derrick was here.

He was a little happy, thinking that Derrick still remembered him, but he did not expect that Derrick brought a group of reporters.

Derrick said arrogantly that he was going to hold a press conference in the old mansion of the Fu family and that he had something important to announce to the media.

The so-called important thing was the marriage of Nancy and Edward.

For Frederic, it didn't matter whet

ess you should know what happened."

Back then, Frederic was eager to have a great grandson, so Charles had no choice but to find a woman and give birth to Bobby. Derrick and Joseph knew this better than anyone else.

"Charles, are you telling me that Nancy is the woman who gave birth to your children five years ago?" Derrick said with a sinister smile.

"It's her!" After a pause, Charles continued, "At that time, Nancy was pregnant with twins. My mother only took away Bobby, while Nadia was missing. To be exact, she was taken away by a bad guy!"

Joseph suddenly burst into laughter, "Charles, you are really good at telling stories. If what you said is true, why don't you tell it until now? You just want to deceive us. In order to cover up the relationship between Edward and Nancy, you reacted quickly. However, no one will believe such a legendary story."

"Joseph is right. Charles, can you show me the evidence?" Derrick's face darkened. If Nadia was really the child of Charles, then his plan to frame Edward and Nancy would be in vain.

In this way, it would be difficult for him to achieve his goal of occupying the TS Group. Derrick couldn't accept it!

It was not easy for him to come back. How could he be willing to get nothing?

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