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   Chapter 361 The Press Conference

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Nancy glanced at Charles nervously.

She couldn't figure out what could have happened.

How come so many unexpected things happened all of a sudden one after another?

The call was from Frederic. He was anxiously saying, "Charles, come back immediately!"

"Why? What's wrong, Grandpa?"

"Just come back immediately. Don't waste any more time!" Frederic hurriedly cut off the phone call after instructing Charles to head back.

Following his instructions, Charles ran out of the room in a hurry.

Nancy ran after him and followed him closely.

Together, Charles and Nancy drove to the old mansion of the Fu family

When they arrived, the old mansion was brightly lit.

The two ran into the living room, and they were shocked by the scene before them.

There were many reporters standing in the hall, and among them was Derrick.

"Have Nancy and Edward really registered their marriage abroad?" Frederic enunciated word by word with emphasis.

"No!" Charles knew it was not possible to hide something like that. "Impossible!"

Before Charles could even finish his words, Frederic had already raised his hand and interrupted him brusquely, "How can you prove it otherwise? The shareholders and I also care about the truth. You can't marry a woman who is already married to another man, correct?"

"Grandpa, Edward is not here yet to clarify the matter. I will prove it is not true when he comes back..." Charles wanted to say something more, but stopped himself on second thought. Even he himself had no idea where Edward currently was.

So the most important thing to do for the meantime was to find Edward.

Derrick strode over arrogantly, emitting a cold meanness around him.

"Charles, don't argue for Nancy's sake anymore. She has already registered her marriage with Edward abroad. I guess you weren't even aware of it, were you? You shouldn't trust anyone other than your family!" said Derrick.

A touch of sadness flashed through Frederic's eyes, but it was very brief and lasted for a few seconds only. He quickly came to his senses and sneered, "Derrick, if anything really happened, we can talk about it amicably in private. Can you let the reporters leave now?"

Frederic asked solemnly, but to no avail. Derrick stood his ground, shook his head and sneered, "Dad, my good old dad, even now, you still only care abo

Charles took a step forward and admonished angrily, "Joseph, I advise you not to do anything rash and evil, okay?"

"Oh, you are my brother. No, no, you are my cousin. Even though we are only cousins, we are very close like brothers. So Brother, don't worry. I am doing this for your sake. Don't misunderstand me like this. It pains my heart." Joseph raised his eyebrows and solemnly covered his heart with his hand. Then, he mimicked like a woman. "If you misunderstand me, I will be sad, very, very sad!"

"Joseph, don't be a hypocrite. Do you think I care about your kindness?" Charles callously rebutted.

He was not afraid of either Derrick or Joseph.

But he was afraid of these reporters, because they must have received Derrick's money in advance for them to be here. If they were to write something nonsense, Nancy would never be able to clarify herself.

"Charles, Nancy isn't true to you and doesn't love you at all. What she loves is not you, but your money and status. That's why she concealed her marriage to Edward. Charles, my dear brother, whether you believe it or not, this is the plain truth!" Joseph taunted viciously.

Nancy looked at Joseph in awe, unable to comprehend where he was coming from. "Joseph, I have no enmity with you. Why are you framing me? I'm not married and never had been. Why do you insist that I'm married? What's your purpose in all this?"

"Yes, Mr. Joseph. We were not aware that Nancy has previously been married. You can't talk nonsense without any concrete evidence!" someone in the crowd interjected reasonably.

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