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   Chapter 358 Reconcile

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It was so evident that Charles didn’t like Edward’s existence; otherwise, the former would not sport a grimace of displeasure whenever the latter was around.

But even with this, Nancy hoped that the two would eventually learn to be casual with each other, even if they didn't get to be friends.

And most of all, she prayed that they would stop fighting over her because frankly, it was now becoming so stressful. "Nancy, Edward is not a woman; he is a man! What else do you want me to do to him?" Charles reasoned out as he heaved a sigh.

"Stop provoking and fighting with him!" The woman didn’t care if she sounded stubborn. At this point, all she wanted was to have peace around her. And if those two men wouldn’t stop growling at each other, she might as well disappear out of their sights.

"What if he provokes me?" Charles pierced his sharp eyes at her, expecting an answer that would favor him. However, much to his disappointment, Nancy seemed to have taken his rival’s side.

"Edward is a good man. Why would he provoke you?"

"What? Are you seriously taking his side? What if he initiates the fight, huh? Do you want me to just stand there and do nothing?" A gasp of air blew from Charles’ mouth as he tried to patiently reason out with the woman he loved.

"Well, if that happens, I’ll be the one to teach him a lesson. So for now, you have to behave yourself, okay?" Nancy shook her head. She couldn’t believe he was talking to this grown-up man like a three-year-old kid!

"Okay!" A wide grin etched on his lips as Charles nodded in sheer satisfaction.

He didn’t care if he was selfish. After all, love was bound to be that way if one didn’t wish to be hurt.

As for him, he only wanted Nancy for himself, and he had marked her as his territory long ago. If another man trespassed on her, he would certainly wreak havoc.

But although he felt that way, Charles was not confident if Nancy felt the same way. And the thought of that only made him worry even more.

More than that, he vaguely felt that Edward was not really a good man, contrary to how Nancy considered him. There was no way Edward wouldn’t be jealous of their relationship. In fact, Charles clearly saw how the former looked at Nancy with utmost longing and desire––similar to how a man deeply in love would stare at his muse.

‘I just hope Nancy would never stop loving me,’ Charles thought as the two of them went downstairs.

As soon as they reached the ground floor, they found their kids gazing at them with cautious eyes. From the looks of it, Bobby and Nadia had obviously been listening attentively to their conversation.

Suddenly, Charles and Nancy stopped on their tracks while the children still had their eyes glued to their parents.

The four of them stared at each other, but none dared to utter a word. Only the sounds of their heavy breathing penetrated the space between them. However, after a while, Bobby broke the deafening silence.

"Nadia, let's go and have dinner," he uttered and grabbed his sister’s hand.

"Oh, okay!" Nadia replied, already salivating as her stomach had been growling for a while now.

Hand in hand, the two kids turned around and left as if they saw nothing, leaving their parents in surpr

r, the former had an ulterior motive of calling Hiram––he wanted to confirm if Edward had indeed ran away.

If he had escaped, it only meant that those photos had something to do with him.

And once he confirmed that, the so-called good man that Nancy had always thought of, was merely just another hypocrite dressed sheep’s clothing.

He was such a crafty man if that was true.

As Charles celebrated his still half-brewed success, Nancy, who was still nervous, called the children into the dining room.

Bobby and Nadia walked over hand in hand and proceeded to the sink to wash their hands. Then, as soon as they sat down, the two began munching on the food.

And just like they did a while ago, the kids kept mum the entire time, not minding their parents who sat opposite them.

Nadia almost buried her head in the bowl and ate her porridge as if she had been deprived of food for so long.

"Hey, Nadia, slow down!" Nancy took out a piece of tissue and tried to wipe the rice stuck on the corner of the little girl’s mouth.

However, to her surprise, her daughter brushed her hand off and grabbed the tissue before impatiently saying, "Mommy, leave me alone. I'll eat porridge myself, okay?"

‘What did she just say? Is Nadia not in a good mood? Why does she sound like she hates me?'

Nancy thought, feeling a tinge of disappointment. It was the first time she heard her daughter raising her voice at her.

"Nadia, why are you acting like this?" She couldn’t help asking with an evident grievance.

"Mommy, just eat!" the little girl yelled, almost sounding like an adult reprimanding a child.

Seeing how Nancy was frozen to her seat in utter surprise, Charles decided to step in, and muttered, "Looks like our baby Nadia is a big girl now. Don't worry about her, Nancy. Just let her eat her food, okay?"

At the same time, Bobby, who had been eating silently, finally raised his head and gazed at his parents.

"Daddy, mommy, have you two reconciled?" he asked calmly while chewing his food.

"Honey, we never fought, did we? We're very good!" Charles turned to look at Nancy with sparkling eyes, flashing a devious grin at her.

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