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   Chapter 356 Two-timing

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6431

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The more Nancy heard, the angrier she became.

Charles must be referring to Edward?

When did Edward become a monster?

He was her family, okay?

"Charles, who are you talking about?" Nancy couldn't bear it anymore, roaring.

"I also want to know who you are talking about." Said Charles.

"Well, you are in such a hurry to defend that woman. It seems that your relationship has developed very fast!" Nancy sneered.

"Nancy, what do you mean? Which woman?" Charles didn't understand what she meant at all.

What's more, he didn't expect that Nancy had misunderstood him!

"It turns out that you are also good at playing dumb. How dare you ask me which woman? You don't know, and I don't know either!" After saying that, she went upstairs in a huff.

Charles was confused, "Nancy, are you crazy?"

"You are crazy!" Nancy didn't give in at all. She had been wronged these days. The wedding arranged by Charles had disappeared now, and the reason was, of course, related to that woman.

She was waiting for him to break up with her, but now he was playing dumb in front of her. What was this called? Be two-timing her?

No matter what, Charles's love for her had been transferred!

"Nancy!" Charles was on the verge of explosion.

His voice was mixed with anger, impatience and disappointment!

Nancy glanced at him lightly, turned around and went upstairs.

Charles followed her naturally.

Seeing Daddy and Mommy were about to have a quarrel, the two kids grabbed one of his arms.

"Daddy, we are hungry!" Bobby whispered.

"Yes, Daddy. We are hungry!" Nadia echoed.

Charles closed his eyes and said, "Okay, I'll cook dinner for you."

Charles went to the kitchen and opened the fridge. He found that there were all kinds of meat, fish and vegetables in it.

"Bobby, did Uncle Edward buy these?" Charles asked.

"Yes, Uncle Edward said yesterday that he would prepare food for us b

t want to see the irrational Charles.

Charles angrily removed the quilt and directly lifted Nancy off the bed. He roared, "You have to eat even if it's not delicious!"

"Charles, can you be reasonable? Since you don't love me, why don't you let me go? I don't want to eat the food you cook. Isn't there a woman waiting for you to eat the food you cook? Go and find her. Why do you stay here with me?" Nancy shouted.

"Tell me! Which woman?" Charles asked.

With a snort of anger, Nancy said, "You are really good at playing dumb. I don't know who that woman is, but you must know, right? Weren't you very intimate in MX Coffee Shop? Why don't you mention our marriage in front of me now? Are you waiting to marry that woman? It's okay. You know I'm broad-minded. Besides, I've never loved you. Even if we break up, I won't be sad, not at all!"

As Nancy spoke, she began to cry.

Charles was so angry that the veins on his forehead throbbed. It turned out that Nancy misunderstood him and Abby?

"Did you see it?" He asked.

Nancy sniffed, "Yes, I saw it! If I didn't see it, how long are you going to hide it from me? Charles, Doris once said you are just a playboy and I don't believe what she said. Now I see clearly that you are a hypocrite, a complete scum..."

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