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   Chapter 353 Find Out The Truth

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6407

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As expected, Charles's face darkened. He sneered, "Edward, what do you mean by saying this? Do you want to tell me that you and Nancy have already done something a couple should do?"

Charles said word by word.

Edward didn't argue but drank with a smile.

The more Edward didn't explain, the angrier and more suspicious Charles became.

With a gloomy face, he didn't say anything. He raised his hand and drank up the wine in the goblet. Then he refilled Edward's glass with wine.

Edward took another sip and looked up at Charles.

"I know what you care about, and what you care about is whether I have sex with her... Right? Let me tell you..." Edward hesitated on purpose.

Charles looked at him with anger in his eyes like eagle...

Edward continued to smile.

"What are you laughing at? Just say it!" In fact, Charles was really nervous at this moment. He was afraid to hear the answer he didn't want to hear.

But he was eager to find out the truth.

"What are you going to do if I really have sex with Nancy?" Edward asked tentatively.

He had meant to sound out what Charles had said, but he had forgotten that Charles was too nervous to bear any stimulation.

With a bang, the goblet in Charles's hand broke into pieces. "Edward, what the hell did you do to Nancy?"

Then he raised his fist and threw it at Edward.

Edward was furious. He just said if, and then Charles got crazy.

"Charles, do you love Nancy or not?" Edward grabbed Charles's wrist and asked.

"Of course I love her. You know it clearly, but you still come to ask me. Edward, I want to kill you!" Charles growled.

Edward laughed even more arrogantly, "Charles, your love is so selfish. Even if something happened between me and Nancy, it was in the past. How can you mind it? Well, you can mind. Give her back to me. I'll take her away from here. I promise you that I will live a happy life with her!"


e this, she will be very disappointed in you! Since you don't have much confidence in her love, why don't you let her go?"

"Because of love, don't you understand?" Shouted Charles.

"Well, if there are only suspicion and harm in the love between two people, such a love is not worth it!" Edward growled angrily.

"I'm not suspecting. I just don't understand why they did this." Charles rubbed his forehead and asked, "Why?"

"Don't you think I should ask you this question?" Edward asked calmly.

"They don't want me to marry Nancy?"

Edward nodded and smiled, "Charles, you finally understand it! To tell you the truth, I have always dreamed of being with Nancy. I love her more than you, absolutely not less than you! She is my illusion, but it's just my illusion. If you continue to make trouble out of nothing, I will turn my illusion into reality. Do you believe it?"

"Well, you don't have a chance, Edward!" Charles shrugged, "So, prevent me from marrying Nancy, you are the beneficiary? Then these photos...It's you..."

Charles knew that no one would do it for no reason. Since they did it, they must benefit from it.

Whoever profited from it was the one who did it.

If Edward loved Nancy, undoubtedly, he must be the beneficiary in this matter!

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