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   Chapter 352 Irritate Charles

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6311

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Edward hadn't seen Nancy for one or two days and couldn't get through to her.

He was anxious. To his surprise, he called Charles, but Charles didn't answer.

Bobby and Nadia didn't know what happened, "Uncle Edward, where is Mommy?"

Mommy would never disappear for so long. Now they couldn't get through to her. The two children suddenly became nervous!

Edward didn't know, but he couldn't say that to the children, could he?

So he said, "Your Daddy and Mommy might have gone on a trip. I can't get through to them just now. You two just stay here."

"Uncle Edward, shouldn't Daddy and Mommy go on a trip after they get married? Why now? Why don't they take Bobby and Nadia?" Bobby was a sensitive child. Especially if anything happened to Charles and Nancy, the first one to know it was usually Bobby.

Edward couldn't answer this question. There was no news about Charles and Nancy, which meant that nothing dangerous had happened between the two.

But why didn't they answer his phone?

"Maybe your Daddy and Mommy are too busy with their wedding to care about you two. What do you think, Bobby?" Edward could only tell his guess to the children.

"Uncle Edward, do you think Daddy will bully Mommy?" Nadia asked worriedly.

"Your Daddy should love Mommy very much and won't bully her. Kids, don't think too much. Go to bed early. You have to go to kindergarten tomorrow!" Edward coaxed the two children.

Bobby nodded, but he still had doubts in his mind.

In Joseph's villa.

Derrick walked leisurely in the garden.

Joseph got out of the car and walked over.

"Dad, my grandpa doesn't know you're back yet. Aren't you going to see him?"

"It's not the right time yet. A few days later, even if I don't see him, he will be anxious to see me!" Derrick sneered, "Don't say anything to them. You treat them as your family, but they treat you as an enemy

er father!" After saying that, Derrick's eyes flashed with viciousness.

On the second day, after Edward sent the children to the kindergarten, he drove to the TS Group.

Charles was reading documents in his office.

Edward came in.

"You're coming?" Charles asked indifferently.

"What? You didn't expect me to come?" Edward sat down and said.

Charles chuckled, "So why do you come here?"

"I'm looking for Nancy, okay?" Edward said directly.

Charles stood up, poured two glasses of wine and handed one to Edward.

After two days' consideration, Charles was not as angry as before.

He also wanted to take this opportunity to test Edward's attitude.

Now there was a rumor on the Internet that he broke up with Nancy. The happiest one should be Edward, right?

Charles looked at Edward with burning eyes, trying to find some clues!

"Of course you can. Tell me the relationship between you and Nancy abroad!" Charles said with understatement.

Edward smiled and raised his eyebrows.

He was a smart man, but from Charles's question, he knew that Charles was caring about his past with Nancy again.

"Nancy and I are very good abroad, just like a couple. Are you jealous?" Obviously, Edward was provoking Charles on purpose.

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