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   Chapter 351 Calm Down

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6623

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It took a long time for Doris to calm down. She scratched her hair and said to herself, "Doris, do you love Jay or not? Alas, I don't know whether I love him or not. It's true that I love money!"

Every time she thought of love, she felt very upset!

She didn't even dare to look into Jay's eyes. She stayed with him carefully every day!

Today was the day for her antepartum examination. She had planned to ask Nancy to accompany her. Unexpectedly, Jay proposed to go to the hospital with her.

Doris felt flattered!

But she never expected to meet Charles and a woman...

"What a jerk! Charles is going to get married with Nancy. But how could he date with another woman? Stop the car. I want to go in and have a look!" Shouted Doris.

"Don't talk nonsense if you don't know the truth! What if it is a client? What should we do then?" Jay knew Charles better than Doris. He knew that Charles wasn't a man of loose morals. But what he didn't understand was that if he met a client, he should have an assistant or bodyguard accompanying him. How could he be alone today?

It was more like a date! But he couldn't say that to Doris. If he did, she would jump out of the car!

Therefore, Jay sped up and took her to the hospital.

He hoped that Nancy was having an operation. If Doris didn't meet her, she would forget about this thing.

However, contrary to his wish, as soon as they arrived at the hospital, Nancy happened to send the patient downstairs.

"Hello, Nancy?" Seeing that, Doris ran up in a hurry.

Nancy held her in a hurry, but when she saw Jay, she understood, "Are you here for antepartum examination? How are you recently?"

Doris said anxiously, "Of course I'm fine. But when I came here, I saw..."

Afraid that Doris would say something inappropriate, Jay interrupted her in a hurry, "Doris, the doctor's waiting for you. How about you talk to Nancy later, okay?"

Doris pushed him away and asked, "No! What if something happens between

a good man. How could he do that?"

"Are you sure?" Nancy asked again.

At this moment, Jay really didn't know how to answer.

No one could guarantee that.

Doris sneered at Jay, "Nancy, why are you asking him? He can't even vouch for himself. How dare he vouch for Charles?"

On this day, Nancy had been absent-minded.

All she could think about was the expression of Charles talking to that woman.

She wondered if she should take the initiative to break up with Charles, or...

No, she needed some time to calm down!

So, after work, Nancy called Edward and said that she was going to B city for a business trip. She asked him to take care of the children for her these days.

Edward was stunned. Charles and Nancy would get married soon. Why did she suddenly go on a business trip?

What on earth did Charles want to do?

Edward was confused, but he couldn't ask, so he answered in a low voice, "Okay."

What he couldn't understand was that after Nancy went on a business trip, Charles turned a blind eye to her.

It was a little strange!

Edward turned on his phone and searched for the news about the marriage of Nancy and Charles, but found nothing!

They were all replaced by the news that Nancy and Charles had broken up!

Edward squinted his eyes, lost in thought for a while!

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