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   Chapter 349 Don't Marry Him

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6913

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Nancy walked out angrily.

She was never a person who had no patience. But ever since she lived in the old mansion, she had been ignored, bullied and humiliated.

If it was only from Angelina, she could bear it!

However, Charles, the man who had been with her for so long, suddenly became lukewarm towards her, which made her feel unbearable and even a sense of collapse!

After leaving the house, Nancy took a taxi to the hospital.

She walked into the office and changed her clothes, but she was still unhappy.

Charles's cold words kept flashing through her mind.

She felt that something must have happened to him. But she couldn't tell what it was. She checked herself up and down but didn't find anything wrong.

She was upset. Fortunately, it was time to make the rounds of the wards, and she forced herself to temporarily put those annoying things aside.

What she should do now was to work hard!

"Dr. Nancy, have you decided to get married?" Nurse Li asked in a low voice, following behind her.

She thought of the happy expression on Nancy's face when she saw Charles pick up Nancy yesterday. It seemed that their marriage was coming.

Therefore, she felt a little strange when she saw the cold face of Nancy today.

She also hoped that Charles and Nancy could get married one day earlier, so she asked carefully.

Nancy sighed. She couldn't even figure out what was on Charles's mind. How could they get married?

Seeing that Nancy didn't say anything, the nurse continued, "Dr. Nancy, you're not young anymore. It's not easy for you to meet such a handsome and rich man as Mr. Charles. Since he has proposed, you'd better agree. If I were you, I would be very happy. Charles, he is a famous figure in this city. Think about it. If you marry him, you can live a happy life in the future. Listen to me, just marry him!"

Nancy didn't expect the nurse would be so annoying, so she said crossly, "If you like him so much, you just marry him!"

Nurse Li stopped in shock. What did Nancy mean? She wanted to marry him, but would he

ous man, but he had no choice. Last time when he came back, he deliberately left Joseph in the Fu family and wanted him to make trouble. But he was stopped by Angelina in a few days. He didn't care about anything else except chasing girls.

In Derrick's eyes, Joseph was a black sheep!

He hated it so much that he always wanted to find an opportunity to fight back by himself.

Unexpectedly, the opportunity came.

"Mr. Derrick, I know you are loyal and devoted to the TS Group, but the chairman didn't hire the right person and handed over the group to Charles. I told you that he is too arrogant, and he doesn't take us seriously and thinks too highly of himself. Today, he directly cancelled the shareholders' meeting, and he doesn't respect us at all!" Luke began to complain.

"So? Tell me about your plan!" Derrick took a sip of tea and squinted.

Although he had a good relationship with Luke, he knew what kind of person Luke was. He was selfish and profit oriented.

Such a selfish and shrewd man wouldn't suddenly call him just to speak ill of Charles.

Since he said it, he must have a purpose.

In fact, Derrick had already guessed his purpose after Luke finished his words!

Luke lowered his voice, "Mr. Derrick, I don't think you can just stand by and watch us, the old shareholders, be suppressed by Charles. You have to come back to help us!"

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