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   Chapter 345 Secret Between Them

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6256

Updated: 2020-06-26 18:26

The two returned to Edward's house.

Edward had changed the children's clothes, and he was happy with the two children.

When Charles and Nancy came in, they were ignored by the two children.

Edward raised his eyes and asked, "You're back?"

"Yes." Charles replied in a low voice, "Tonight, I want to take the children and Nancy my home!"

Edward looked at Nancy, trying to confirm what Charles said from her eyes.

"Yes." Answered Nancy.

"Because of the marriage?" Edward asked gently.

"Yes, I think it can't be delayed any longer. You will definitely support me, won't you?" Charles patted Edward on the shoulder and said.

"Of course! Kids, your parents are here!" Edward clapped.

The two children, who were having fun, answered in one voice, "Oh."

"The kids are not interested." Edward smiled.

Charles teased, "Yes, it's because Uncle Edward taught them too well."

Edward raised his eyebrows, "You seem to blame me?"

"No, I'm thanking you!" Said Charles.

"Kids, your daddy are taking you back to your grandma's house. Stop playing! Otherwise, your daddy will blame me. The consequence of blaming me is that you are not allowed to come to my home tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Therefore, in order to avoid such a tragedy, you must go with your daddy now!" Edward said as he put away all the toys.

"Daddy, we must go?" Bobby asked helplessly.

"Daddy, if we don't go, will you really not let us come to dad's home later?" Nadia said with grievance.

"I don't allow you to call Edward dad. You only have one daddy. You should call him Uncle Edward in the future, okay?" Charles scolded seriously, "If you keep calling him dad, I won't let you come here anymore!"

"No, we will listen to Mommy, not Daddy!" Nadia shouted.

Charles and Edward looked at Nancy at the same time.

"Well, kids, let's go to your grandma's ho

lse, just pretend that you haven't seen anything." If it was true...

"Where did you see the photo?" Charles asked.

"It's an email from a stranger. I don't know if he sent it on purpose or by mistake. But since I saw it, I think it's necessary to send you the photos."

Charles's lips curled up, "Anything else?"

"Yes." Abby sent him an Emoji of snicker.

"Send me all of them now!"

"I don't want to send them out. After all, it's not a good thing. I think I'd better hand them over to you in person."

"How?" Charles frowned and asked.

"Mr. Fu, if you have time tomorrow, you can come to MX Coffee Shop. You can wait for me there. I will come to you."

"Okay. I'll wait for you at three o'clock tomorrow afternoon."

"See you."

Abby didn't say anything more, and Charles deleted all the chat history.

But the photo still hurt his eyes. Hugging Edward, Nancy smiled brightly.

Edward looked down at Nancy with love in his eyes.

They looked like a couple in love!

How many secrets were there between Edward and Nancy that he didn't know?

How many secrets did they hide?

This series of questions stirred up a storm in the heart of Charles. He didn't know whether he should believe Edward and Nancy or not.

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