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   Chapter 343 Does She Love Him

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6769

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The kids were sent to the kindergarten by Edward.

Nancy drove to the hospital.

Because of the car accident last time, Charles bought a new car for her.

"Well, it seems that Dr. Nancy has changed her car again?" A nurse said enviously.

"Yes, Dr. Nancy is going to marry Mr. Charles. Isn't it a piece of cake to change a car?" A nurse replied.

"But I heard that Mr. Charles's mother doesn't like Dr. Nancy at all. She probably dislikes her family background!" A nurse said in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Mr. Charles is such a domineering man. How could it possible for him to listen to his mother?"

"Marriage in the rich and powerful family has always been profit oriented, and the Fu family is the same!"

Nancy ignored other people's discussions.

She went straight into her office, changed her clothes and was about to make the rounds of the wards.

As soon as she changed her clothes, she saw Clark coming in on a wheelchair.


Why did her father, who had difficulty in moving, come here?

Now Jill and Fannie were not here. He... He might feel sad, right?

"Dad... What are you doing here?"

"I saw on the phone that you are going to marry Charles!" Clark asked humbly.

"I'm not sure yet!" Answered Nancy.

"Nancy, I know Jill and Fannie have done a lot of bad things to you, but Fannie is your sister after all!" Clark rubbed the armrest of the wheelchair with his hands at a loss. "Dad is getting old, and I am not in good health now. Although Jill is not good to me, she can take care of me at least. How about..."

Hearing this, Nancy had already understood why he came.

He just wanted her to intercede for Jill and Fannie in front of Charles.

Nancy nodded, "Father, I know. I will ask Charles to let Jill and Fannie go home as soon as possible."

"Thank you, Nancy. I'm sorry!" Clark said, with tears in his eyes.

With a smile, she asked, "How did you come here? Let me send you back?"

"No, No. I can go back by myself. I know you're busy. I won't di

rl, I don't need to ask for my mother's opinion. You just need to be sure one thing. That is, I love you, I love you very much!" Charles emphasized.

He had said the three words several times, but Nancy had never say it in front of him.

Charles felt a little disappointed. To be honest, he still couldn't figure out whether Nancy loved him or not. That was why he, the president of the TS Group and the most valuable bachelor in this city, always felt insecure in the relationship with Nancy.

Sometimes he even felt that Nancy didn't care about losing him at all!

Nancy pressed her lips and said nothing.

Without receiving any response from her, Charles drove sulkily.

Nancy looked out of the window. It was hard to tell whether she was happy or sad on her delicate face.

Thinking of the happy face of Nancy towards Edward, Charles became jealous again.

"Nancy, do you really love me?" Charles asked her gloomily, feeling uneasy.

"What?" Nancy didn't expect that he would ask her such a question. She blushed and didn't know how to answer it.

"We are going to get married. Nancy, is it so difficult for you to say you love me?" Charles smiled bitterly.

He felt a little bitter in his heart. He felt that he had tried his best for the sake of Nancy, but he couldn't get a sincere response from her.

Did she love him?

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