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   Chapter 342 Reconciliation

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Without answering, Nancy walked past him and hurried downstairs.

At the same time, Charles emerged out of his room, glancing at Edward with his unruly eyes. "Edward, what's up?" he asked indifferently but the latter gazed at his son instead of answering him first.

"Bobby, help your Mommy make breakfast," Edward ordered softly, taking his phone from the little boy so that the latter can proceed to the kitchen and do as he was commanded. Then, the master of the house turned to gaze back at Charles and buried both hands on his pockets.

Meanwhile, Bobby began to sense the tension that was slowly building up between those two men. After all, with his sharp instincts, there was no way he could miss the evident grim that hovered on their faces.

So, the young boy answered obediently, "Okay, dad."

He glanced at Charles worriedly one last time before descending the stairs and headed to the kitchen.

"What's wrong? Do you want to fight me?" Charles shifted his weight on one leg and leaned both his arms on his waist. His eyes, now seemingly more calm and confident, were glued on Edward.

However, the latter did not seem intimidated and instead smiled coldly, saying, "Of course not! I’m just here to ask why the news about your marriage with Nancy suddenly disappeared online. Did you change your mind? If you really love her, you would take care of her and give her the best life instead of always making her cry! Give the sense of security she never had!"

"I want to, but..." Charles sighed. He wanted to explain his side, but upon thinking of his mother, it seemed meaningless to clarify it to someone who probably would not understand.

"If you need my help, you can just ask me," Edward suddenly offered, much to Charles' surprise.

The latter cocked his head to one side and wondered how Edward could be so amiable with him now. He used to be hostile with him, and hearing his kind offer only made Charles even more confused. After all, he was his rival, right? Why would he help him?

"Well, don’t overthink. I’m doing it for Nancy, not for you." Edward smiled with a distinct mockery hint, seeing as how confusion was written all over Charles’ face. Then, he continued, "If you don't treat Nancy well, I will kick you out of my house. But if she and the children accept you, then you have my blessings."

Hearing this, Charles took a step closer to Edward and patted the latter on his shoulder. Then, leaning closer, he whispered, "Well, you can count on that. Rest assured that you won’t stand a chance in taking away my woman and children, Edward." Then, the ever so dominant Charles flashed him a smile and uttered, "Well, I better get going."

"Don't you want to eat breakfast first?" Edward asked, raising his brows.

"I have something to deal with." After saying that, Charles started striding downstairs.

And while Edward was left standing on the corridor staring at his guest’s hurried back, he reminded, "Charles, if you skip breakfast, you might have a stomach ache later today."

Turning around, the latter flashed a sinister smile and uttered, "My stomach is not as fragile as yours."

At this point, Edward could only shrug his shoulders while staring at the man’s receding figure. He did his best to offer, and if Charles was really bent on leaving, there was nothing he could do.

Meanwhile, Nadia, who had been listening to their conversation, walked out of the room.

"Dad, has my daddy left?" the young girl asked, rubbing her still sleepy eyes.


ever compromise! That will mean my failure!' she thought.

So, knowing that Nancy and the children lived in Edward's house, Angelina thought it was a perfect opportunity to make Charles realize how much of an unfaithful woman her bride-to-be was. But she didn’t expect her son to condescend to come to Edward's house and look for that woman!

As for the news that he was going to marry Nancy, it was probably just a joke. It should be!

Thinking of this, Angelina grew rather more irritable amidst the serenity of the morning.

"My lady, I have no news about the young master," the butler answered respectfully.

"Well, then tell me what you think." Angelina’s well-manicured hands leaned on her waist, showcasing how her patience was running on a thin thread.

"Mom, you don't have to ask the butler. I'll tell you myself!" Suddenly, Charles’ voice blared from the outside, which made the butler jolt in fear. "Young master, you're back?" the latter asked in a trembling voice.

"Yes, I am." Charles had just parked his car outside the grand gate of their mansion, so the two didn’t hear his engine roaring to life.

"You brat! There are many other good women in the world. Why are you obsessed with Nancy?!" Angelina, who stomped her feet to meet her son half-way, asked in fuming anger.

"I love her, mother. Is there anything wrong about that?" Charles directly refuted his mother, equaling the latter's sharp gaze to show that he had no intention of backing down.

However, the old woman seemed unbothered and even managed to snort, "Well, if you think I will let you marry that woman, you are dreaming!"

"Then, I'll let you see if I'm dreaming or not!" Charles retorted, furrowing his brows tightly to showcase his displeasure. And as his arrogant voice left his mother in utter surprise, he wasted no time and turned around to leave.

"Charles, where are you going?" Angelina shouted helplessly. The provocative gaze his son just gave her inexplicably left the old woman flustered to her feet. She remembered Charles to be an obedient and respectful son, who would never provoke her no matter how big their conflicts were.

But now, he seemed to have changed a lot. How could he ignore her feelings?

Was his son planning to go against her for that woman? Angelina’s head almost split in half, thinking of all of these.

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