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   Chapter 341 Waist Pain

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 7124

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Charles struggled to fall asleep. He shifted to get out of bed so he could call Jay.

Tightening her arms around Charles' waist, Nancy nuzzled her face against his neck and said, "Don’t go."

Looking at Nancy wrapped around him like a cat, Charles was reluctant to leave her. He gently kissed her nose and said, "I won’t go. Are you comfortable?"

"Yes…" Nancy said in a daze. She was half asleep and didn’t understand a word Charles was saying, and only felt someone blowing and talking in her ear.

Smiling contentedly, Charles pulled Nancy closer to him.

Edward didn’t sleep well that night. After the children had gone to sleep, he padded to the monitoring room.

The scene of Charles and Nancy in the corridor flashed on the screen.

Edward’s face was expressionless as he stared at the screen. It was as if he was watching a movie.

His eyes gravitated towards Nancy’s red lips. She clearly lacked experience in kissing.

Charles dominated her when they were kissing.

Edward licked his lips and smiled to himself.

His fingers itched to click on the surveillance video of them in the bedroom, but he stopped himself before he could continue. As he stared at the screen, his face crumpled in pain.

After a few glasses of wine, he still couldn’t fall asleep. Turning on his phone, he was surprised to see the statement about Nancy and Charles’ marriage disappear.

Frowning at the screen, he took another sip of his wine.

He didn’t understand what this meant. The children had already seen the news of their engagement, but now there was no trace of their announcements. Were they still getting married or not?

The children would be devastated if they took back their engagement. Didn’t Charles care how the children would feel?

Edward shook his head, clearing his mind of negative thoughts. Charles had always been possessive of Nancy and the children. He wouldn’t go back on his word in front of Edward. Charles was determined to stake his claim on Nancy.

It wasn't like him to give up all of a sudden!

Edward sat in the monitoring room for a long time. When morning came, he returned to

’t answered him flustered Bobby. He couldn’t stop thinking about it.

"I will marry your mother," Charles answered without hesitation. "When I have the time, I’ll visit your grandma with your mother. After she gives me her permission, your mother and I will be engaged," he explained.

"If that’s true, then why can’t I find any news about your engagement on the internet?" he cried, unsatisfied by Charles’ explanation.

Nancy stopped massaging, and her brows wrinkled in confusion. "What is Bobby talking about?" she asked coldly. "Are you going back on your word? It was your idea to marry me! If you’re not serious, then just tell me! You don’t have to sneak around! I won’t hold you back!"

Nancy’s temper flared. She turned away from him and pushed herself off the bed.

Charles frowned and wanted to explain, but couldn’t find the right words.

"Nancy, I don’t know who canceled the news. I promise you I’ll get to the bottom of it and have it released again. I’m serious about marrying you," he explained cautiously.

Nancy walked out without saying anything.

What was she expecting from him? Didn’t she also want to marry Charles?

But... Would Angelina try to stop them?

She knew Angelina wouldn’t back down without a fight.

As soon as Nancy left the room, she saw Edward approaching her. "Edward…" she greeted him.

"Hey..." Edward replied in a quiet voice. "Where’s Charles?" he asked.

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