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   Chapter 340 Disagreement

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6513

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Then Nancy went straight into her room.

"Daddy, come on!" Bobby said to Nadia, "Nadia, let's go to bed, too."

"Okay!" Nadia walked to her room, turned around and said, "Daddy, come on!"

"Good night, kids!" After saying that, Charles went to Nancy's room.

Nancy had already turned on her phone. It was conceivable that the news on her phone was all about the news that she and Charles would get married in a month.

This was a sensational news in the city!

Some netizens commented.

"Wow, is our prince charming Charles going to get married? No way!"

"Is the news fake? A man like Charles is still so young and willing to be bound by marriage from now on?"

"That woman named Nancy is so lucky. I envy her so much!"

When Charles came in, Nancy raised her head.

"Charles, did you ask your mother? Will she agree?" Without thinking, Nancy knew Angelina's attitude. In her eyes, it seemed that any woman in the world was better than her.

How could Angelina accept it?

"Nancy, it's me who is going to marry you, not my mother. Since I have made a decision, you should trust me, not doubt me, okay?"

"Have you decided to marry me?" Asked Nancy.

"Yes." Charles answered firmly.

"Well, I'll discuss with my mother another day. If she agrees, I'll agree. If my mother doesn't agree, then I won't agree either."

"Sure." As Charles said, he looked at Nancy's small bed, which seemed to be only 1.2 meter wide, and asked, "Edward has prepared such a small bed for you?"

"If you think it's too small, you can leave!" Of course, Nancy didn't want to live with Charles.

"How can I dislike it? It's not a big deal if the bed is small. I can hold you to sleep!" Charles said, holding Nancy's hand gently.

Nancy shook her head, "You can't!"

"Well, I'll let you go tonight..." As soon as Charles finished his words, he saw a photo hanging on the wall.

Nancy and Edward sat on the grass. Wearing a cream colored

harles tired? Of course he was tired! But he was willing to suffer.

When Charles was about to be closer to her, Nancy kicked him and threatened, "Charles, if you dare to do anything wrong to me, I will definitely ask Edward to call the police."

Alas, in the face of such a threat, Charles had to be honest and didn't dare to move.

When Viola called, Charles immediately opened his eyes. He turned on the phone and asked lazily, "Viola, what's up?"

Viola lowered her voice, "Mr. Charles, did you cancel the marriage statement by yourself?"

Charles slowly opened his eyes wide and said word by word, "No."

"But they are all gone. The wedding date, content, process and other things you asked me to post are all gone!" Viola said anxiously.

Charles was stunned. He suddenly tightened his grip on the phone, "All of them are missing?"

Who could it be? Of course, it could only be his mother, Angelina.

"Yes, it's gone!" Replied Viola.

"Well, don't worry. You can have a rest first. I will handle it later." Charles said in a low voice. Viola was just his assistant. If he wanted to investigate this matter, he had to ask Hiram, or Jay. After all, Viola didn't have the ability to deal with it.

"Yes, Mr. Charles." After saying that, Viola went back to her room to sleep.

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