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   Chapter 339 Wild Guesses

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 10176

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In utter fury, Charles strode towards the bathroom and kicked the door, not minding if he would destroy it.

Simultaneously, Nancy, who was washing her body under the showerhead, suddenly jolted in shock and shouted at the top of her lungs. She could feel her heart beating frantically.

In a panic, she crossed her arms against her chest, but failed to cover the lower part of her body.

"Who are you?! What are you doing?!" Nancy yelled, thinking that it was a complete stranger who barged inside.

She had known Edward for so many years, and the man would never break in uninvited, especially since she was totally naked under the shower.

So in horror, she grabbed the towel hanging on the rack in an attempt to cover her body.

However, before she could reach it, a hand suddenly grabbed her arm, causing her to fall against a chest as hard as a brick. "Nancy, it's me!"

"What?! You! Why are you here?" she questioned upon recognizing the baritone voice of the man.

Charles, who barged inside like some predator about to attack its prey, thought she and Edward were taking a shower together.

But as soon as he broke in, he found no trace of Edward in the bathroom.

Even when he turned around and surveyed the entire space, no one was around except for Nancy, whose body was dripping with water. Apparently, the ever-suspicious Charles was jealous of nothing! He misunderstood the entire situation again.

"The kids told me that you were taking a shower, and they wanted me to rub your back!" Scouring for an excuse, Charles did not think twice before answering, and gently placed his hand on her bareback.

Charles wanted to rub her back? In Edward's house? What was he thinking?

"No, No. I don't need you to rub my back. Get out now! Edward will see us!" As she spoke, Nancy brushed off his arms, obviously trying to get rid of him.

"Really?" Embarrassed by her refusal, Charles almost hurried to flee outside. But even though he gently pushed her away, his eyes remained fixated on the woman's curvaceous figure.

"Yeah. No, thanks! Come on, Charles! Get out of here!" Nancy commanded in a soft but firm voice. She then looked at the floor, trying to conceal the shyness that was slowly rising within her.

"Okay." After saying that, Charles lowered his head and planted a soft kiss on her lips before turning around towards the door.

However, before he could fully push it open, Edward's anxious voice sounded from the corridor, "Nancy, what happened? I heard a loud noise just now!"

Surprised, Charles immediately closed the half-opened door again while Nancy gnashed her teeth and tightly held on the towel.

"Nancy, what's going on?" Edward asked again and pounded the bathroom door three times.

As Nancy opened her mouth and prepared to say something, Charles gently covered her lips. He then gestured to keep silent while a mischievous smug found its way on his lips.

"Edward, I'm taking a bath with Nancy. Don't come in!" he suddenly said, much to the former’s resistance.

And while N

t, not even you!" Charles had planned to surprise Nancy with that news, but facing Edward's aggressiveness, he had no other choice but to spill it so that the latter would back off.

And true enough, the moment he mentioned that, Edward pursed his lips into a thin line and kept mum.

At the same time, Bobby, who stuck his head against the door of the study to listen, was also caught in utter surprise.

He couldn’t contain his excitement, so he stormed out of the study with Nadia tailing behind him.

"Daddy, are you really going to marry Mommy?" the young boy asked, with his eyes twinkling in sheer bliss.

"Yes, big boy! I am marrying your mommy!" Charles ruffled his son’s hair and replied.

"Wow! Finally, Daddy!" Bobby thought that his wish had finally come true. It was only a matter of time before they became officially registered as a family!

"Daddy, give me a kiss!" Meanwhile, Nadia tiptoed and offered a hug to her father.

Charles bent down and immediately smooched her cheek with a kiss.

"Alright. I’m going to bed!" Edward, who managed to utter a sentence after being frozen to his feet, went downstairs without looking back.

"Mommy, are you okay?" Upon seeing how his mother blankly stared at his father, Bobby stretched out his little hand and gently nudged Nancy.

"Oh, yes, baby. Come on, let's go to bed!" Even after shaking her head a couple of times, Nancy could still not digest Charles’ revelation.

‘He’s going to marry me? Why didn't I know it?

Did Charles make the decision by himself again?

Why didn't he discuss it with me in advance? This is not a simple decision to make!

More than that, he hasn’t even proposed!' All those thoughts bombarded Nancy’s head. Charles had always been so overbearing and dictatorial, but she didn’t expect him to stretch out of it and decide their marriage by himself!

So, feeling that she was, once again, dominated by the stubborn mule that Charles was, Nancy clenched her fists tightly and replied, "I’m not going to marry you."

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