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   Chapter 336 Shyness

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6205

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Nadia knew that Edward couldn't refuse her, so she begged cutely.

"I want you to promise that your daddy didn't bully your mommy." Edward took Nadia to the other side and said.

"Why did Mommy call Daddy's name?" Nadia held her hands and said anxiously.

"Don't go out when your mommy calls your daddy's name. Don't go out until your mommy calls your name. Do you understand?" Said Edward.

"Why, dad?" Nadia didn't understand.

"Nadia, there are not so many reasons. After we make coffee, you can go out." Bobby was good at observing people's expression. He could tell from Edward's expression that his parents were doing something the kids shouldn't see.

"Is that so, dad?" Nadia raised her head and asked.

"Yes." Edward replied.

At the beginning, Nancy was still struggling. Gradually, she was more and more confused by the kiss. Gradually, she squinted her eyes and began to enjoy.

Charles kept kissing her more and more.

"Charles..." Her voice was no longer angry, but low and husky.

A smile finally appeared in Charles's eyes. Well, what he liked most was the dazed look of Nancy when he kissed her.

"The coffee is ready! Bobby, help me!" Edward's voice was loud, obviously reminding Charles.

Charles raised his eyebrows and thought, 'Edward is really a good man.'

He should be a good man!

Charles knew that Edward must be jealous or even angry.

Charles knew the reason why Edward didn't let the children out was that he loved them and didn't want them to see this embarrassing scene.

Most men, if they were in Edward's position at the moment, would deliberately let the children out to mess up the situation, but Edward remained calm.

It could be seen that Edward had great endurance and broad-minded, so there was a reason why Nancy once liked him.

Charles gently put her hair behind her ears, and the

by him recently and became more and more restless.

When she heard the name, she patted her hand and walked out. "What's wrong?"

Nancy had heard the conversation between Edward and the children just now, and she was afraid that Charles would lose his temper. Fortunately, he didn't. She had thought that Charles had changed and didn't mind what Edward said.

But just now, the roar of Charles made her beautiful wish disappear without a trace.

Charles looked at Nancy and said vaguely, "I want to go back."

"Okay." Answered Nancy.

Charles wanted to remind Nancy of something, but when he saw the shyness on her face, he turned around and said to Bobby, "Mommy is stupid. You have to look at Mommy with Nadia, okay?"

"Daddy, don't worry. Dad is here." A cunning look flashed across Bobby's big eyes.

Charles's face darkened. He had planned to tell Bobby not to get too close to Edward, but he didn't expect his son would say that and had added fuel to the fire in his heart.

Didn't his son know that Edward was his rival in love?

"Daddy, Bobby is right. Don't worry. Dad and we are the people who love Mommy the most in the world!" Nadia said, blinking her big eyes.

Nadia's word made Charles more helpless!

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