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   Chapter 335 Crisis

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Shaking the car key, Charles went up the steps and went straight into the villa.

Although the villa was not as luxurious as his, he liked the European style very much.

"Wow, Dad, your house is so beautiful!" Bobby praised.

"If you like it, you can stay here!" Edward said, stroking Bobby's head.

"We are going to stay!" Said Bobby.

"Oh?" Although Edward had prepared their own rooms for the children and Nancy after buying the house, he didn't expect them to really live here, which was a surprise for him.

As far as Edward knew, Charles was a very domineering man. How could he allow the children to live with him?

Edward looked at Nancy in confusion.

Nancy shrugged and smiled awkwardly, "Edward, this is Bobby's idea. I hope our arrival won't disturb your private space!"

Edward smiled brightly, "Nancy, how can you be so polite to me? I'm not used to it! You know how much I hope to live with you."

Edward looked at Nancy with sparkling eyes.

"Edward, it's the kids who miss you, not me. I... You know that." Said Nancy, a little embarrassed and helpless.

"Well, let's go inside. I'll make you some coffee."

What Nancy wanted to say was that she couldn't change the children's decision, and she wanted to remind him that she was the woman of Charles now.

Edward withdrew his sight, picked up Nadia and walked up the steps.

In the living room, Charles crossed his legs leisurely and looked around the villa.

The decoration was luxurious and elegant. Edward seemed to be a man who liked art.

"Dad, I want to make coffee with you." Bobby said happily.

"Dad, I want to help you too!" Nadia added.

The two kids called Edward 'dad', which made Charles's heart ache.

"Of course, kids!" Edward took Nadia with one hand and Bobby with the other hand, and went to the kitchen.

Nancy wanted to follow him.

But she was stopped by Charles, "You can't go!"

Nancy had no choice but to retreat. "Why don't you

r eyes.

"Yes." Bobby replied.

"I think I should go to see what happened to Mommy and Daddy!" Nadia put down the coffee beans, turned around and was about to run out.

But Edward grabbed her collar before her two legs could step out.

"Dad, let me go!" Nadia shouted anxiously, "Let me see if Daddy bullied Mommy again."

Edward had heard Nancy's voice for a long time. Judging from the voice, he knew what the two were doing.

He felt sad and knew that Charles deliberately provoked him and showed off.

But he had always been calm. He knew Charles just wanted to irritate him and make him jealous on purpose, so that he could take the initiative.

Edward smiled calmly.

It was impossible for Charles to shake his heart.

"Kids, none of you can leave. I need your help!" Edward took out the coffee beans and put them in front of Bobby and Nadia.

Charles knew that Edward won't let the kids go out, so he was so unscrupulous!

"Okay, Dad!" Bobby immediately counted them one by one with his little finger.

Bobby also heard the voice, but he was more mature than Nadia.

Nadia was more stubborn. She stared at her shins, blinked her big eyes and continued to ask, "Dad, Daddy must be bullying Mommy. I'm very worried. Let go of me. I want to see him. I want to protect Mommy."

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