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   Chapter 334 Decision

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With tears in her big dough eyes, Nadia kept rubbing Nancy's hands.

On the contrary, Bobby's eyes were sharp. His angry little voice echoed in the room. "Uncle Hiram, how did you and Daddy protect Mommy?"

"It's just an accident, Bobby," Hiram said apologetically.

"Was it really an accident, Daddy?" Bobby looked at Charles.

"Yes," replied Charles flatly.

"Didn't I say that if Mommy felt wronged, I will take her away? Why did you let this happen?" His voice was as cold as his expression.

Charles reached out his hand and tried to hold Bobby in his arms.

To avoid him, Bobby took a step back. His vigilant eyes still focused on Charles.

"Bobby, it's just an accident. It's not daddy who bullied mommy. Do you understand?" Charles explained to him carefully.

Shaking his head, Bobby replied, "Don't be irresponsible. It happened because you failed to protect Mommy. I hate irresponsible people the most!"

"Yes, I also hate irresponsible men!" Nadia said in a sonorous voice.

"Oh, Nadia, your daddy has been annoyed by Bobby. Please don't say anything more!" Hiram whispered in Nadia's ear.

Nadia raised her head and looked at him angrily. "Uncle Hiram, I've made up my mind. I'll take mommy to Uncle Edward!"

By the mention of Edward's name, Charles' face froze. "No way!"

"But something bad will happen if Mommy stays with you. I just don't want Mommy to be with Daddy anymore!" Nadia nodded.

"That's true, Daddy. I think it's a mistake for you to be with Mommy." To Bobby, his mother is very important. He didn't want her to get hurt.

Charles, who was powerful in the business world, felt a little helpless in front of these two children.

I will bring those bad guys in jail as soon as possible. What do you think?" It was the last thing he could say to regain their trust. "Trust Daddy, okay?"

But even with that being said, Bobby remained firm with his decision. "No, Daddy. I have to protect Mommy this time. I won't let her continue to be with you."

Bobby was just angry. His da

ully recovered.

Edward's villa was in a relatively quiet area. He didn't like noise. He was a low-key man.

Living alone was simple. Edward got up early and did morning exercises. After that, he took a shower, changed into a comfortable clothes and watered the flowers and plants in the garden with a watering can.

It was indeed comfortable, but a little monotonous.

At this time, Edward suddenly heard a car noise. He thought it was a passing car, so he didn't raise his head until the doorbell rang.

When he saw Nancy and the children in the car, he broke into a smile which reached his eyes.

"I was wondering why all the flowers in the garden bloomed today. It turned out it was because you were coming!" Edward put down the watering can and trotted to open the door.

"Hello, Dad!" Bobby and Nadia greeted him at the same time.

"Hello!" Edward waved his hand.

Charles didn't say anything and drove in with a gloomy face.

As soon as the car stopped, Bobby and Nadia threw themselves into Edward's arms like birds out of a cage. A sense of sourness inexplicably emerged in Charles's heart.

Edward looked at Charles coldly. "Would you like a cup of coffee?"

"Okay." Of course, Charles had to go in. He couldn't leave until he arranged the children and Nancy well.

Otherwise, what if Nancy really became Edward's wife later?

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