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   Chapter 332 Escape

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6588

Updated: 2020-06-24 11:05

Edward kicked Charles on his leg.

Charles shook his head and snorted.

He really put all his force behind the swing of his leg. It was definitely going to leave a mark!

"You son of a bitch, Charles! Where on earth did you hide Nancy?" Edward shouted angrily.

Charles was stunned. He had no idea why Edward barged into this meeting. Did he think he had hidden Nancy?

"What's wrong with Nancy?"

Hiram leapt forward and held Edward back. "Mr. Wu, please calm down. What's wrong with Miss Ning?"

Hiram was in disbelief. Nobody in H City would dare hurt Nancy. Her status alone was enough to protect her. The only people that would possibly try was the Ning family.

Everyone knew that Nancy was with Charles.

Edward glared at Charles. "I just want to know where he hid Nancy."

Charles didn't even care about the pain in his leg at this point. He asked hurriedly, "Edward, what's wrong with Nancy? What happened?"

"Something happened to her car. I have no idea where she is. You live with her. How do you not know anything? Charles, you're hopeless!" Edward screamed spitefully.

"Hiram, check what you can find! Hurry up!" As soon as Charles finished barking his orders, he immediately called Jay. "Jay, Nancy is missing. Ask someone to find her."

Edward realized that Charles wasn't playing dumb. He sat down anxiously.

"Charles, if anything happens to her, I will kill you!" Edward said aggressively.

"That's impossible. Nothing will happen to her because I won't let it!" Charles growled word by word.

Nancy seemed okay this morning. How could something happen to her?

Jay finally responded, "Charles, the black car is going to the countryside. It's a three hour drive. We'll go there immediately."

"Okay. Thank you." Charles stood up and made his way out eagerly.

Edward followed him without hesitation.

Hiram rushed over and whispered in his ear, "Charles, it seems that your mother went to the Ning family yesterday.

"Edward, you must be tired. You should go home and rest," Nancy said politely.

Edward looked at Nancy in disbelief, and then looked at Charles. "You want me to leave, but he can stay?"

Edward always thought that Nancy should have liked him more. He always treated her so well.

It seemed he was horribly wrong. She wanted Charles to stay and now he had to leave.

"Edward, he is the man that lives with me," said Nancy, annoyed.

Such a simple sentence made Charles' heart beat fast.

From his experience, Nancy didn't know how to be sweet.

But this simple sentence was enough for Charles. It was even better because it felt like a victory. He felt like he was picked over Edward.

Charles really needed to hear that to get satisfied.

Edward nodded and smiled. He stretched out his hand to rub Nancy's head and said, "Nancy, as long as you are happy, it's okay."

"Thank you, Edward," Nancy said, blushing with shyness.

"I'll be off. If anything happens, remember to call me," Edward said gently.

"Okay." Nancy nodded.

Edward walked out. When he walked to Charles, he said coldly, "Charles, you better take care of her. As for the person who took her away, I will find out."

Charles didn't say anything and only frowned.

Edward picked up his suit jacket and left on his mission.

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