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   Chapter 331 Be Obedient

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6603

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"Nancy, I'm your man. What are you afraid of?" Charles said in a gentle voice.

"Who says I'm afraid? You're so handsome. I'm just a little in a hurry. Really! Look, what time is it now? Get up quickly, or I'll be late and the children will also be late!" Nancy raised her hand to touch his face, trying to make herself smile flatteringly.

In fact, when she looked at the handsome face of Charles, she was a little reluctant.

But she didn't feel that way for the time being.

Maybe she was frightened by Charles's brutality?

"Are you really not afraid?" Charles asked.

Nancy took a deep breath and shook her head.

Charles took Nancy's hand and went down...

At the moment of touching, Nancy froze and took a deep breath.

Charles smiled helplessly, "Forget it. I let go of you. I'll buy you a book when I have time and let you study hard."


How could she learn this?

What a weird man!'

No matter what, Nancy escaped this morning.

Charles went to the bathroom.

Nancy exhaled softly and sneaked out of the bedroom.

Charles stayed in the bathroom for a long time until Nancy finished cooking. He walked out of the bathroom with a self-mocking smile on his face.

"Charles, let's have dinner now. You go to pick up the kids this afternoon." Said Nancy, placing the bowls and chopsticks.

"I will ask Hiram to pick them up. Grandpa said he wanted to see them. At that time, ask Hiram to send them to the old mansion." Then he walked out of the bathroom, wiping his hair.

"Okay." Nancy could rest assured for it, so she would not refuse.

"Since the kids are not here, we are actually more free!" Charles said with a forked tongue.

A mouthful of milk choked on Nancy's throat

Nancy thought that men were always like that, weren't it?

Charles gently patted her on the back and said, "Don't worry. Drink slowly. Don't frighten the children." After saying that, Charles shouted at the direction of the children's bedroom

rk, and she couldn't get through. Edward was anxious, and happened to see the traffic police on TV dealing with the accident.

Edward recognized it was Nancy's car at the first sight.

Therefore, he drove to the scene of the accident in a hurry. The traffic police told him that the owner of the car hadn't been found yet, and they only knew that it was Nancy's.

Edward got more anxious and drove to the TS Group.

Charles was having a meeting, and Edward was stopped outside by his secretary. He was so angry that he pushed his secretary to the ground and strode into the president's meeting room.

Charles was surprised to see Edward. He had always taken Edward as his rival in love. "You..."

Before Charles could finish his words, Edward came over. Under the watchful eyes of the senior executives, Edward punched Charles in the face.

"What are you doing?" All the senior executives gathered around.

They had been working here for so many years, but it was the first time that they had seen someone who dared to beat Charles. Moreover, it was in the CEO's meeting room, and what was more incredible was that it was in front of so many people.

How could it possible for Charles to stand it? He was hit by Edward for no reason. How could he not fight back?

So he punched Edward on the back.

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