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   Chapter 330 Wake Up

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6567

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After several consecutive days of hard work, Nancy finally finished the surgery she had accumulated.

She breathed a sigh of relief.

Autumn was about to pass, and winter was coming.

It was a sunny morning.

When Nancy woke up, she turned her head and saw Charles still sleeping. She bent her legs and wanted to scratch him with her feet to wake him up.

However, her feet accidentally touched the place she shouldn't have touched.

Nancy's face flushed. Well, she had been forcibly occupied by Charles for so many times. It was the first time that she knew that a man in the morning could be so strong.

Nancy quickly withdrew her feet, but her ankle was gripped by Charles's big hand.

"Nancy, you provoke me and do you still want to run away?" Charles was sleeping soundly just now. Suddenly, he felt that his body was touched and his whole body trembled.

Then he reached out his hand and grabbed it. It turned out to be Nancy's little foot.

Well, a different feeling quickly spread in his heart.

How could Charles let go of her? He raised his head and looked at Nancy with his eyes like obsidian.

Her heart skipped a beat. She said shyly, "I am careless. I'm sorry."

Charles gently rubbed her ankle and slowly moved her foot up.

When Nancy touched it again, she hummed softly.

Charles smiled evilly, "It doesn't work if you say sorry to me. You should say sorry to it."

Nancy was so scared that she even curled up her toes, but Charles didn't intend to let her go.

He stared at her dodging eyes and rubbed her feet back and forth against him. "Nancy, you can't be too shy and boring in a couple's life. You should study hard when you have time."

Was Nancy barbaric? Barbaric!

In fact, Nancy seldom had a relationship. At school, she remembered that a boy had written a love letter to her and asked Doris to give it to her. Nancy read it in confusion and then tore it up.

Doris was so shocked that she broke into a

about Nadia? Nadia was too young to stand it!

Now, there was only one wish for Nancy, which was to make Bobby and Nadia safe and grow up healthily.

Charles still held her feet and kept swaying them.

Feeling that her feet were wet, she pursed her lips and frowned. She shrank her feet hard and roared like a little beast, "Charles, let go of me!"

"No!" Charles said intoxicatedly.

"You! You are unreasonable!" Being provoked by him, Nancy was flustered and short of breath.

"Nancy, Nancy, I love you. Let's get married!" Charles said affectionately.

Nancy thought, 'Damn it! Why does Charles always mention it?'

Nancy couldn't make the decision on her own. For example, Angelina and Frederic should express their attitude.

At least, they must let her know that the Fu family had accepted her sincerely.

Otherwise, she would never agree to Charles's proposal.

"I'm going to have an operation today, Charles!" Nancy's foot was still held by Charles overbearingly. She tried her best, but he seemed to be possessed. If she didn't obey his will, he wouldn't let her go.

Therefore, Nancy kicked hard.

Maybe it hurt a little, and Charles snorted.

He sighed in a low voice. He really didn't understand why Nancy felt it like suffering every time. It should be a happy thing.

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