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   Chapter 329 Confidence

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 10961

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Charles knew that Angelina and Christine had schemed together to trick him.

So when the news broke out, Charles was in no way bothered or agitated. In fact, he didn't care at all.

However, much to his surprise, Nancy was the one who got distressed upon hearing the issue.

How could she be bothered by such nonsense? Didn’t she trust Charles?

Otherwise, she wouldn't be this jealous, much like how he was because of Edward.

But because Charles was quick to explain his side, he was able to tame the anger that was slowly building up in Nancy.

"I believe you this time!" she muttered, handing the chopsticks over to him as Charles requested.

"That’s better! If we want to make our relationship stronger, we should always trust each other, Nancy!"

Although Charles was a jealous man, it was not because he did not trust Nancy, but because he didn’t trust those men around her. So, when he said those heart-warming words, he actually meant it.

At the sudden thought of it, Nancy felt a pair of comforting hands wrapping her heart. However, it didn’t last and eventually faded away as she thought of Angelina.

"As for my mother's attitude towards you, I will handle it, okay? Don't worry about that anymore,"

Charles reminded, piercing her with his pair of soft almond-shaped eyes.

Even though Nancy nodded for assurance, deep down, she was not very confident of facing his mother.

She knew Angelina too well! The old woman was not only strict but also impossible to please. More than that, she had always resented Nancy from the very moment she got involved with Charles.

And now, it seemed that she didn't like Nadia either.

Even if Nancy were to confess the truth, Angelina would never change her hostility to her. It was just impossible!

"Your mother likes Christine for you, doesn't she?" Nancy asked again. This time, she lowered her head in an attempt to hide her oozing jealousy.

However, the glint of sadness evident in her eyes did not escape Charles’ eyes. So he held her hand and consoled, "Even if my mother likes her, it doesn’t mean anything. I won't let her come between us, Nancy."

Somehow, Charles’ tender voice and comforting words reassured her, making her raise her head and nod at him.

At the same time, in the Fu family's house.

Hardy leaned against the headboard with a newspaper in his hand. As his eyes searched through the pages, he found the transcribed interview of Angelina and Christine.

"Angelina, I'm afraid you can't do this. You know Charles won't listen to you. I think it’s best if we just leave him alone, okay?" he muttered sulkily at his wife.

However, the stubborn woman––to whom Charles clearly took after––contorted her face into a grimace. "I don't like Nancy. I just can't accept her to be our daughter-in-law! We can't let him do whatever he wants! I'm his mother and he needs my permission to get married!" Her voice was coated in sheer disdain as she spat those words.

"Well then, what are you going to do? Because I think your hard-headed son would not listen." Helpless, Hardy could only heave a deep sigh as he asked his wife.

"Nancy is a stubborn girl. Even if I bribe her with money, she won't take it. Maybe I can use Clark or Jill and bribe them instead! What do you

fter a short nod, Angelina turned around and got in the car, eventually driving off while Jill was left watching her receding vehicle.

At the same time, Clark came out, pushing himself in a wheelchair.

"What was Angelina doing here?" he asked, glancing at the door.

"Humph! You useless man! You'd better find someone to bring Nancy back and a man to marry her. The money would be useless if we don’t find a way to separate her from Charles!" Jill didn't come to her senses until she saw Angelina's car driving away from the yard.

‘How could this day get any better?

Nancy is still valuable after all!’ she thought in extreme euphoria, staring at the bank card as her lips curled into a vicious smug.

"No! Don’t go too far, Jill! Nancy is still my daughter! I won’t let you do that to her!" Clark’s voice thundered as he tightly held the armrest of his wheelchair.

"Well, she doesn't even recognize you as her father, but here you are, treating her like she’s some doting daughter! You are really such a fool, Clark!" Jill cursed with a blaring voice that resonated in the entire house. Then, she stormed back inside the living room and searched for her daughter. "Fannie, find someone to get Nancy back as soon as possible!"

"I said, stop it, Jill! I will never allow you to do that! I'll call Nancy and tell her right now," the old man threatened, pulling out his phone that was buried in his pocket.

However, before he could even slide his finger on its screen, his wife quickly snatched it away and thundered, "Fannie, help me tie up your damn father first, in case he makes trouble for us."

"Dad, can you be obedient just for once?" Fannie uttered viciously while towering over her father. And after scrambling for a rope somewhere in their house, she wrapped him in a tight knot. This way, the old man would be prompted to stay put and do nothing while they proceeded with their plan.

Meanwhile, as Charles looked after the kids, Nancy struggled to keep her plate empty with all her tasks in the hospital.

And on top of this, a storm––plotted by her stepmother and stepsister––was starting to brew in the Ning’s household, about to be sent on her way.

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