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   Chapter 327 Heartache

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Therefore, she carefully hid her love for Edward in her heart, fearing that if she said it out, she would embarrass him and embarrass herself to see him again.

Therefore, she had never said that.

"I just want to ask you something else, such as what you and I often do..." Charles's voice became more and more cold.

With a smile, Nancy suddenly turned her head and said in a naughty voice, "Charles, you really don't have confidence in yourself."

"How could it be?" Charles denied directly.

"You don't admit it, do you?" The smile on her face became wider.

"Well, the children are mine. Why don't I have confidence?" Staring at Nancy's eyes, he said word by word.

With a bang, she felt something exploded in her head.

How could Charles say that?

How could he say it out so easily?

This was the pain in her heart!

Charles, would your heart hurt?

Nancy's face was pale. She smiled, "Charles, are you kidding? Ha-ha, Nadia is mine. She has nothing to do with you. Bobby is yours. He has nothing to do with me. You know it all the time, don't you?"

Not wanting to talk about the children anymore, she turned around and walked towards the villa.

But her wrist was grabbed by Charles. "Nancy, I've already known that the children are mine. They are both mine. Five years ago, Sophie found you, right?"

"I don't know what you are talking about. Charles, you must be out of your mind. That's why you are talking nonsense. I don't want to listen to you. I don't want to listen to you!" Nancy's voice was trembling. She refused to answer his question.

Charles looked at the furious Nancy, opened the trunk and took out a painting.

The complete picture was drawn by Nancy.

"Do you know this?"

With a thump in her heart, Nancy almost stopped beating.

It turned out that this guy stole her painting? She remembered it was hidden in the bedside table. How could he?

"I drew this when I was pregnant with Nadia. Is there anything wrong?" Nancy denied.

She prayed in her heart that Charles w

e caught him."

"Where is Uncle Hiram?" Nadia asked again.

"Oh, Uncle Hiram sent the bad guy to the police." Charles continued.

He knew that Hiram must have lied to the children.

"Uncle Hiram is so awesome!" Bobby gave him a thumbs up.

Charles looked at Nancy.

Nancy knew what Hiram and Charles had done.

She was annoyed that Charles always asked Hiram to follow her.

"Kids, I'll make dinner for you. Tell me, what do you like to eat?" Nancy looked at Bobby and Nadia.

"Mommy, Uncle Hiram bought us some steamed buns. We are full." Pointing at the steamed buns on the tea table, Nadia said, "Mommy, look, there are some left. Do you want to eat?"

"Mommy has already had dinner. How about you take a shower now?" Asked Nancy softly.

"Okay. Daddy, you also have had dinner, haven't you?" Nadia asked innocently.

"What? Yes." Charles was busy following Nancy and had no time to have dinner. He was a little hungry now.

"But these steamed buns will go bad after one night. I'd better eat it." Charles went to the bathroom to wash his hands.

"Mommy, why do I feel daddy looks a little pitiful?" Bobby suddenly said.

"Your daddy looks pitiful?" Nancy rubbed Bobby's head and said, "Your daddy is an omnipotent man. Everyone in the world may be pitiful, but your daddy will never be pitiful. Let's go to take a shower."

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