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   Chapter 326 A Different Feeling

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6708

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"Edward likes exercising!" Said Nancy with a smile.

"Only the man who likes to exercise is charming. You have a good taste in finding a husband!" The saleslady thought Edward and Nancy were a couple.

"I also think Nancy has a good taste. Right, Nancy?" Edward didn't give Nancy a chance to explain. As soon as the saleswoman finished, he immediately took over the topic.

Nancy didn't want to explain either.

"Yes, Edward is right!" With a coquettish smile, she said, "Please pack it for me."

"Well, welcome to come again next time!" The saleswoman soon sold several clothes, and of course she was very happy. She quickly packed the clothes.

In fact, it was Edward who paid for it.

Now that they had bought the T-shirt, Nancy wanted to leave.

But Edward held her hand and walked into the boutique.

"Edward, I have a lot of clothes!" Nancy's wardrobe were always filled with new clothes unconsciously, with all kinds of styles, colors and big brands.

Nancy's clothes were much more than she needed.

The clothes were all prepared for her by Charles. Sometimes, she thought that he loved her, or he wouldn't have bought her so many clothes.

But sometimes his love was too hot, and sometimes it was cold.

"What? You don't like what I bought for you? Do you only like what other people bought for you?" Edward pretended to be angry.

"How could it be? Edward, you misunderstood me." Said Nancy, shaking Edward's arm.

Looking up at her lovely face, Charles felt very uncomfortable.

Her lovely appearance could only be seen by him, not any other man.

Charles sat in the car, squinting and smoking.

Nancy, who was with Edward, always gave him a different feeling.

Yes, Edward was like a big brother, and Nancy relied on him, just like a child relied on his father.

It was not difficult to understand. Nancy grew up alone. She was a child who lacked love, father's love, maternal love, and all kinds of love.

'But, Nancy, I love you. The love between me and yo

r sending me back. I'm going in."

"Okay." Edward answered in a low voice, started the car and left.

Nancy stood still and watched Edward's car speeding away.

Thinking of Edward's disappointed expression just now, Nancy wanted to beat herself to death.

With tears in her eyes, she wiped her eyes and turned to walk into the villa.

However, she bumped into someone.

Nancy was shocked. "Who is it?"

"It's me. What? You seem to be surprised." Charles narrowed his eyes and smiled self-abuse.

However, when Nancy saw the way Charles looked at her, she wanted to tease him.

"Yes, I'm surprised. Charles, when did you learn to be sneaky?"

"Sneaky? You really know me! Nancy, you had a good time today with Edward?" Charles asked gloomily.

Nancy sighed, "Charles, you have asked this question for several times, but I don't want to answer it. Don't you feel annoyed?"

Charles gnashed his teeth in hatred, "Nancy, tell me, do you really like Edward?"

She snickered, "Charles, I like Edward. I like him very much!"

Charles suddenly opened his eyes and asked, "What?"

"I like Edward very much. Don't you just want to hear such an answer?"

At that time, Nancy did like Edward very much, but she knew her personality, her conditions, and more clearly that she was not good enough for him in all aspects.

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