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   Chapter 325 Don't Explain

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"Which restaurant?" Charles said coldly.

"They are in a special barbecue joint in the snack street." Hiram thought for a while and said, "They've been in there for a while. I don't know if they're still there."

Hiram felt he did it as if he had betrayed his friend.

Nancy treated him well and the two of them were friends now.

"Look at them. I'll be there soon." Charles said and hurried out.

"Hey, Mr. Charles. I..." Noticing that the line was disconnected, Hiram had no choice but to run out of the bathroom and said to the two children who were watching cartoon, "Stay here. I'll go out for a while."

"Where are you going?" Bobby asked in confusion.

"Go and catch the bad guys. Be good. Bobby, you are the brother. You must protect your sister, okay?" Hiram warned.

"Okay, Uncle Hiram." Bobby nodded seriously.

Hiram grabbed his clothes and ran out.

Looking at Charles who was running out, Angelina said reluctantly, "Aren't you going to have dinner?"

Charles didn't answer, but walked quickly to the sports car parked in the yard.

Angelina murmured to herself angrily, "How could it be possible that he is always so sensitive because of that woman, Nancy? An old saying is right. Women are always poppy flowers!"

Nancy had no appetite, and most of dishes were ordered for Edward.

After all, Edward just came back and he was still curious about local things.

There were different kinds of snacks. The two of them almost ate everything.

The two finally arrived at the barbecue joint.

"Edward, have a try. You can't eat authentic food abroad." Nancy picked up a roast drumstick and put it on Edward's plate.

"Nancy, I find that you have changed a lot since you came back. You have become elegant and a little alienated from me. What do you think?" Edward picked it up with his hand and took a bite with a smile. "It smells good, very good!"

When they was abroad, Nancy did the same. She picked up the drumstick an

seldom bought clothes. She remembered the last time she bought clothes for him was when Edward took her to the hospital.

At that time, Edward's clothes were all wet, which made Nancy feel guilty. In order to thank him for his kindness, she bought a T-shirt for him.

It had been several years, but Edward was still reluctant to throw it away.

Nancy thought maybe it was because he felt comfortable to wear.

"You look great, Edward!" Nancy came over and tidied up Edward's clothes.

"Well, since it's very suitable, let's buy a few more." Edward looked at himself in the mirror. Wearing a white T-shirt, he seemed to be several years younger.

What Nancy liked was exactly what he liked.

"Okay, Miss. Please take this milky yellow one, this white one and this black one for me..." Nancy asked the saleslady to take a few T-shirts at a time.

Edward also tried them on one by one.

He smiled happily and was satisfied with everything.

"Edward, you look good no matter what you wear." Nancy praised.

"Miss, your husband has a good figure. Some men are born to be clothes racks, and they look good no matter what clothes they wear. Your husband's figure is so perfect. I can see that he is a man who often exercises!" The saleslady didn't flatter Edward. He indeed had a perfect figure.

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