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   Chapter 324 Not Far From Bankruptcy

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"Anyway, I just don't like her!" Angelina just didn't like Nancy.

"Auntie, it doesn't matter if you don't like it or not. It's okay as long as my brother likes it. As for this matter, I think you'd better leave it alone! I really can't understand why you put Nancy in a difficult position since you are all women!" Joseph muttered to himself.

"What did you say, Joseph?" Angelina shouted.

"No, no. Ha ha... " Joseph hurriedly put on a smile, "I said Auntie is wise, absolutely wise!"

"I know what you are thinking about. You think that if Charles really married Nancy without a family background, then you can take over the TS Group. I don't think that you and your father have a good idea. Humph, you keep an eye on Charles's CEO position and always want to pull him down..."

Joseph didn't deny that he had such an idea before. But since he came back, he saw that Charles, as the CEO, worked so hard every day that he didn't even have time to date women. To be honest, Joseph was a little scared.

He needed money, but more freedom.

If he became the CEO, he would be too busy to anything he liked. He would rather not be!

So he was irritated by Angelina's words.

"Auntie, what are you talking about? It's my grandpa's fault that the TS Group is given to my brother. My father is my grandpa's son, isn't he? Before his son died, grandpa gave the right of inheritance to his grandson. This is the biggest mistake grandpa has made in his life. No wonder my dad has a problem with grandpa. It's all my grandpa's fault first... " The more Joseph said, the angrier he became.

Frederic trembled with anger. "You! Stop it!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he covered his chest and began to cough rapidly.

"Anyway, what I said is right!" Joseph continued to whisper.

"So, it's all my fault? Give the right of inheritance to your father, and then to you, a black sheep.

re, because no matter how they argued, it was difficult to get a result.

Just then, Hiram called.

"What's up?" Charles asked.

"Mr. Charles... I just saw Miss Nancy had dinner in the snack street with... Mr. Edward." Just now, Hiram picked up the children from the kindergarten. Bobby clamored to eat steamed buns, so he drove the children to the snack street.

What a coincidence! As soon as Hiram bought the steamed buns, he saw Nancy and Edward enter a special barbecue joint.

Hiram had met Edward in the hospital before.

He saw Nancy and Edward talked happily.

He hesitated for a while and wondered if he should tell Charles about it.

"Uncle Hiram, is that mommy?" Nadia had sharp eyes. She vaguely saw Nancy just now, but she was not sure, so she asked Hiram.

"Nadia, you must be mistaken. I didn't see her. Let's go." Hiram hurriedly handed the steamed buns to the two children and took them home.

But when he arrived at home, he saw that the night was getting darker and darker, but Nancy didn't come back. He began to feel uneasy.

If something happened to Nancy and Edward, how could he explain it to Charles?

The more he thought about it, the more worried he became. He had to call Charles when he went to the bathroom.

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