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   Chapter 323 Gossip

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Nancy smiled helplessly, knowing that since she was a part of Charles’ life, the rumors about them would never stop.

At this point, Nancy had already accepted that, but this time around, she couldn’t understand what was happening.

While Charles had always been overbearing and arrogant, he had always been kind to her.

She thought back to that one night he was cruel to her. ‘Had he ever been that awful to anyone else?’ she wondered.

Thoughts of Charles filled her mind as she walked towards her office.

Her steps wobbled as she walked. Steadying herself, she decided that it must be because she was tired.

Taking a seat in her office, she turned on her phone and opened WeChat. Browsing through her notifications, she noticed there were many comments from Doris. "Nancy, has Charles abandoned you? Or is Charles just playing around with that woman to spite you?" Doris asked in one of the comments.

She still had no idea what Doris was talking about. As she was typing a message to her to ask, she received a picture from Doris.

In the picture was Charles having lunch with a woman in a restaurant. Nancy was frozen as she looked at the photo. What was going on?

What was Charles thinking?

Charles had always been fond of playing games.

Concerned that Nancy would jump into conclusions and get into trouble, Doris sent her another message.

"Everyone’s talking about this, but it might be fake. Try and ask him about it first," she reasoned.

"It doesn’t matter what happened. I’m not a child. I won’t go crazy even if something did happen," Nancy explained.

"No matter what happens, I’ll have your back!" Doris reassured Nancy.

"For the sake of the children, I won’t let anything bad happen. Don’t worry about me," Nancy replied with an emoji to lighten the mood.

"I know you can handle yourself, Nancy."

After ending her conversation with Doris, Nancy tossed her phone on the table. She tried to make sense of the situation, the photo of Charles with the woman vivid in her mind.

That woman... Nancy had seen her before.

Picking up her phone, she tried to find out more about the woman. After browsing on social media, she found out that her name was Christine, and that she was a fashion designer.

Stumbling across a photo of her, Nancy scrutinized the photo and scoffed to herself. She tried to remain indifferent but felt her heart sinking.

Nancy continued to look at her photo, her eyes tearing up. Suddenly, her phone rang.


rce himself on her.

Nancy was desperate to change the topic and lighten the mood. She turned to him and asked, "Edward, where are we going?"

"There’s a famous snack street nearby. I’ll take you there." He turned to smile at her, eager to cheer her up.

"That sounds great."

In the Fu family's house.

Scrolling through the news of Charles and Christine, Angelina smiled at her phone.

"Did he agree to meet her?" Frederic’s brows wrinkled in confusion. He couldn’t believe that his cocky and rebellious grandson would relent to Angelina like this.

The more he thought about the situation, the more he couldn’t figure it out.

"It’s normal for a man to want a beautiful and tender woman. Don’t you agree, Father?" Angelina asked. The thought of Charles and Christine delighted her.

"Humph! Isn’t she much prettier than Nancy?" she continued. Frederic grunted in disagreement.

"Christine is pure and innocent, while Nancy had a child before she was even married. How can Nancy even compare?" Angelina frowned.

"Is that a valid reason to dislike her?" Frederic challenged.

"It’s not just that. There’s also her family background…" she defended.

"The Fu family doesn’t need any more money!" Frederic reasoned with an exasperated sigh.

"Father, you didn’t approve of her earlier. What changed? Why are you taking her side? Do you want her to marry into our family? Don’t you care that she had a child before marrying?" she questioned him angrily.

"She’s not my first choice for Charles, but he seems serious about her. If we continue to go against him, what if he…" Frederic frowned and stopped himself from saying anything more.

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