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   Chapter 321 Heartache

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6537

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Lying on the big bed, Bobby smelled the food coming in from the kitchen. He grinned and said, "Daddy's cooking is so delicious!"

Charles quickly cooked fried sauce noodles for Nancy. He bowed his head and smelled it. It tasted good, so he brought it to her.

"Honey, let me feed you." Charles asked flatteringly.

His calling of 'honey' made Nancy very uncomfortable.

"Don't call me honey. We are not married!" Said Nancy angrily.

After a short pause, Charles said, "Okay. I'll go home and talk about our marriage when I have time. What do you think?"

With a smile, Nancy said, "It sounds bad!"

Angelina had never thought of accepting her. She wouldn't do that before, now, and in the future.

Therefore, Nancy didn't want to marry him at all.

In this way, she was not willing to hear him call her honey.

Charles frowned and thought for a while.

He knew what Nancy was worried about. After all, he knew clearly that his mother didn't accept her.

He should think about how to get married and make a good plan.

Otherwise, if things went on like this, Nancy and Nadia would be taken away by Edward sooner or later.

"Charles, you go to take a shower. I can eat noodles myself." Looking at the man in front of her who had disappeared his hostility, Nancy felt a little distressed.

He was so bad. She shouldn't have felt sorry for him, shouldn't she?

Charles raised his hand and rubbed her hair dotingly. "I'm going to take a shower. Wait for me."

Then he put the bowl in her hand and said, "I know you are hungry. Don't forget to eat noodles."

"Okay." Said Nancy.

Charles went to the bathroom. Nancy sat up and took the small china bowl in her hand. Looking at the noodles in the bowl, she sighed slightly.

She picked up the bowl in front of her and ate a little. It tasted good.

She knew that Charles must have never cooked before they met.

However, just a bowl of noodles for her couldn't make up for

addy, have you coaxed Mommy?" Bobby's big eyes were a little red. It seemed that he didn't sleep well last night.

Yes, there was something wrong between his mommy and daddy. How could he sleep well?

Therefore, Bobby knocked on the door of Nancy's bedroom early in the morning.

"Honey, are you happy now?" Charles asked Nancy.

Whether they had reconciled or not, it was up to Nancy.

With an embarrassed smile, Nancy said, "Good morning, kids. Mommy is fine now!"

"Okay, as long as Mommy is happy, Bobby is happy!" Bobby smiled.

"Bobby, do you mean that Mommy and Daddy have reconciled?" Nadia's big eyes twinkled with excitement.

"Have you two become reconciled?" Bobby frowned and looked at Charles.

Charles hurriedly put his arm around Nancy's shoulder and said, "Mommy and I have always been good. We will be good all our lives!"

Then he turned to look at her and asked, "Right, honey?"

He put more strength on her shoulder, with a little expectation.

However, Nancy didn't know how to answer. She hadn't had a good life yet. How could she think about the rest of her life?

What Charles said was too far away for her!

"Ah, Yes... Kids, you must be hungry. Have breakfast now! You have to go to school later, and I have to go to work!" Nancy changed the topic.

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