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   Chapter 319 The Rival In Love

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 5898

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"Does Mommy sleep so early?" Nadia asked curiously.

"Well... Yes..." In front of the two kids, Charles felt a little guilty.

"Mommy, we are back." Nadia knocked on the door of Nancy's bedroom.

Nancy didn't respond.

"Daddy, what happened to Mommy today?" Bobby looked at Charles unhappily.

Charles smiled awkwardly, "Your mommy is really tired. You two have to believe me!"

"I know mommy very well. If nothing had happened, she would never have ignored us. We are her favorite children!" Bobby said seriously with a cold face.

"Because every time Nadia and I come back from outside, mommy would be the first to greet us.

Mommy didn't even respond today. It is abnormal, okay?"

"Brother, does Mommy miss our 'dad'?" Nadia blinked her big eyes and said after thinking for a while.

Bobby nodded heavily, "Maybe."

Of course, Bobby did it on purpose. He knew what 'dad' meant, that was, a man of the same identity as his daddy.

He thought, 'No matter what happens, only there is someone competing with Daddy, he would be under pressure, right?

Daddy and Mommy couldn't waste their lives like this. Mommy is a woman, and daddy is a man. How could it be so difficult for daddy to chase a woman?

Can't he be more active?'

As expected, the look on Charles's face became even worse.

What's more, Nadia added, "Daddy, I want to use your phone..."

Before she finished her words, she saw Charles looking at her angrily.

Nadia took a deep breath.

"Hey, Nadia, aren't you a tomboy? When did you become so timid?" Bobby sneered, "Daddy, give me your phone. I need it."

"What's wrong?" Charles's voice was still unhappy.

"I want to call my 'dad'. Mommy misses him. Let him see Mommy!" Bobby said seriously.

Charles clench

I will take her away from here. We don't want to live with you anymore. It's up to you!" Bobby said stubbornly. His stubborn expression showed that there was no room for negotiation.

Bobby really resembled him in this respect!

In the past, when Edward didn't come back, Charles wouldn't let Nancy leave, not to mention that Edward was back now.

In his eyes, Edward was a rival in love.

He was the biological daddy of the children. He couldn't be defeated by Edward who suddenly appeared!

So the first thing that Charles needed to do was to please Nancy and make her happy as soon as possible.

The main reason was that he was too violent to Nancy that night!

"Nadia, do you like Uncle Edward?" Somehow, Charles was not confident in himself.

He felt that he needed support most now.

So, after saying that, he looked at Nadia expectantly.

Nadia nodded obediently, "Yes, daddy. Uncle Edward is a good man, so Nadia likes him!"

Charles felt a little jealous, "Then, do you like Daddy?"

Nadia held his face with her hands and said, "Of course I do. Daddy is also a good man!"

"Then who do you prefer, the two of us?" Charles continued to ask.

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