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   Chapter 318 It's Natural For Children To Play

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Joseph sometimes pinched Nadia's face and sometimes rubbed Bobby's head.

Nadia didn't like Joseph, but she didn't hate him either. Just now, the two children followed Joseph to collect a lot of mud to make clay figures in the garden.

"Ah, the kids are in the garden!" Joseph replied.

"Alas, since Bobby is with Nancy, he is getting less and less close to me." Angelina whispered.

"Auntie, you should spend more time with Nadia so that she can't live without you. In this way, the two kids will often come back to accompany you, won't they? Don't be stubborn. Don't pretend that you don't miss anyone every day. I know you miss Bobby more than you miss my brother. Love is something to express. Do you understand? My good aunt?" It was rare for Joseph to speak seriously.

"Humph, you're good at talking nonsense. That Nadia doesn't have any blood relationship with me. Why should I be close to her? It's true that I miss Bobby!" Since Bobby and Charles were not at home, Joseph became the person who comforted Angelina.

In the past, Angelina had been on guard against Joseph. But now, seeing that he didn't have the intention to compete with Charles for the TS Group, she was relieved.

So she liked to chat with Joseph now.

"Yes, you don't have any blood relationship with Nadia, but..." Joseph touched his chin and said, "Why do I think she looks more like you?"

Angelina glared at him, "Are you talking nonsense again? Nadia has nothing to do with me. Why does she look like me? Nonsense!"

"Don't be angry, auntie. I am wrong. Or, it's just a coincidence, just a coincidence!" Joseph was a slick man. Seeing that Angelina was angry, he changed the topic in a hurry.

"That's more like it!" Angelina muttered.

As soon as she finished her words, Bobby and Nadia came in.

Angelina's eyes widened at the sight of the two children.

Bobby and Nadia were co


"Okay, be careful on the way." Angelina reminded him carefully.

"I will." Hiram replied.

Bobby and Nadia waved their hands and said, "Goodbye, grandma."

"Bye." Looking at the receding figures of Bobby and Nadia, Angelina felt a little reluctant.

When the children were at home, the atmosphere at home was very happy.

Perhaps it was because she was getting older that she liked the children's laughter more.

But Nancy...

Angelina still couldn't accept Nancy, especially now a strange man appeared beside Nancy.

This made Angelina dislike Nancy even more.

Hiram drove the children to the villa in the suburb. When Bobby stepped into the hall, he felt that the atmosphere was a little strange.

He frowned slightly, "Where's Mommy?"

"Yes. Where is Mommy?" Nadia asked.

"You are back?" Charles tried his best to keep a smile on his face so that the kids wouldn't find out anything. But his smile was always forced, not as relaxed as before.

"Daddy, where is Mommy?"

"Your mommy is tired today, so she goes to bed early." Said Charles.

Bobby looked up at his watch. It was only half past seven in the evening.

As far as he knew, Mommy would clean up at this time, and it was impossible for her to sleep.

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