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   Chapter 317 Willingly

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6719

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When they came back from the hospital, Hiram was driving the car, and Charles was holding Nancy in his arms.

Nancy turned her head aside, not looking at Charles.

Charles sighed in an almost inaudible way. Looking at Nancy's stubborn appearance, he felt both sorry and helpless.

"What's good about Edward, Nancy?" Maybe it was because of anger, Charles said in a hoarse voice, "In other words, he is no better than me. I really can't see where he is better than me!"

"He is better than you everywhere!" Nancy still didn't compromise.

Then, Hiram heard Charles grinding his teeth angrily.

Hiram thought, 'Ah, Mr. Charles, why don't you learn to be in love? The only thing you need to do now is to care about Nancy. Why are you still busy with being jealous?'

"Mr. Charles, can you ask what Miss Nancy wants to eat? If she wants to eat, we can find a restaurant to stop!" Hiram reminded kindly.

Charles was not a stupid man. When he heard Hiram's words, his sharp eyes softened in an instant.

When he was about to speak, he heard Nancy say coldly, "I'm not hungry."

As a result, his face turned cold again.

"Well, you're not hungry. Good!" Charles snorted.

Nancy glanced at Charles's face. There was a deep scratch on the side of his face, and there was a faint red blood stain. She guessed that it must be left by her last night!

'You deserve it! This is what you get for bullying me!'

Nancy thought that she was hurt worse than him. If he dared to bully her again, she would disfigure him.

Looking out of the window, Nancy scolded Charles in her heart.

Charles rubbed his face and squinted.

Hiram sighed helplessly. It turned out that his boss's high IQ was all in business, and he didn't know much about love.

Sure enough, everyone had their own advantages!

Looking at the two angry people, Hiram laughed secretly.

Hiram sent Charles and Nancy back to the villa in the suburb and parked the car in the courtyard. Charles had planned to take her out.


doesn't care about them. I care about them. Then introduce all these women to me!"

"Joseph, do you think you don't have enough women? Can't you do something serious? What's the point of idling around all day long?" Frederic said angrily.

Joseph was frivolous, and he always hangs out with women. Frederic couldn't do anything with him and thought, 'Could he be with women all his life without any sense of career?'

Joseph smiled wantonly, "Women are more important than career. Anyway, there is my brother."

"You! A black sheep!" Said Frederic angrily.

"I know I'm a black sheep. But, our family has so much money. Grandpa, don't worry!" Joseph didn't get angry and answered with a cheeky smile.

Frederic didn't want to argue with Joseph anymore, so he stood up on his crutch and said, "You are just a playboy, frivolous! No one can save you!"

Then he went upstairs on crutches.

Joseph was not convinced. When he was about to say something, he was stopped by Angelina. "Joseph, why do you come back alone? Where are the children?"

Since Hiram sent Bobby and Nadia back, the two kids played with Joseph.

Although Joseph was idle every day and had nothing to do except hanging out with women, he had one advantage. That was, he liked to coax children.

But it was more like playing children than coaxing them.

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