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   Chapter 315 Do You Need Me To Accompany You

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Although Nancy tried to recall everything, she vaguely remembered that Charles carried her out of the car and went upstairs.

What else happened later?

She could remember the water flowing down her skin. It seemed that she took a shower.

Yes, Charles put her down on the bathtub and bathed her.

"If you dare to mention leaving me again, I'll torture you to death. I dare you to try if you don’t believe me," he whispered to her ear. Although he was threatening her, Charles’ baritone voice was too seducing. In fact, the way his breath aired against her skin sent shivers down her spine.

At the same time, Nancy thought to never bring the topic forth again. Charles was crueler than any beast, and she very well than to enrage the lion within him.

So the next day, she felt the soreness and discomfort in her body as soon as she got up. It even heightened with every step she took out of the bed and out of their bedroom.

"What a bastard! I’ll make sure to get back at you, Charles! Damn it! I curse you to get sick and catch a cold!"

she swore while dragging herself downstairs and tightly holding on to the railings for assistance.

And as soon as she reached the marbled floors of the living room, she saw Charles sitting on the sofa sporting a straight face.

The instant their eyes locked together, Nancy almost turned and wanted to flee badly from his intense gaze. Now, the memory of last night was slowly creeping into her head again.

"What? You don't want to see me?" Charles asked in a low voice while resting his arm coolly on the armrest of the couch.

Last night, Nancy lay and snuggled in his arms, crying like a little girl.

And seeing the tears perpetually roll down her cheeks made Charles regret how cruel he acted. But what else could he do? When Nancy proposed to leave him, he suddenly lost his mind and couldn’t think straight.

The only thing he wanted was to conquer and mark her as his territory. She was all his! No one and nothing could ever take her away from him!

And to make it worse, this stubborn woman didn't know how to give in or beg him for mercy.

But Charles knew it would be useless too. Even if she pleaded with her most alluring and bewitching voice, he was already too berserk to even make sense of things.

So in a daze, Nancy curled up his arms like a cooked shrimp and buried her face on his shoulders.

At the same time, Charles checked her wound and found some blood stained on her clothes.

"Is it her time of the month?" he murmured to himself.

But because it was a woman’s concern, a man like him had no idea how to handle it. So with the best he could, he rummaged for tissue and wiped the blood off.

Seeing that Nancy had descended the stairs in a high spirit, Charles could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

"I'm still alive, aren't I? What should I do?" stated Nancy with a mixture of sarcastic and sour tone.

"If necessary, I can take you to the hospital!" Finally, Charles couldn't help asking. He had been worried all night but was too afraid to suggest that to Nancy as he knew how women could turn maniacal when their period struck their system.

"I'm working in a hospital. I don't need you to go with me!" And true enough, the way her nose flared and brows

as in less than two minutes, the photos had already reached Charles, who immediately rose from his swivel chair in utter fury.

At the same, Hiram, who was sitting on the sofa, was startled at his boss' sudden reaction.

He knew that Mr. Fu had been so frantic and distraught over the past few days. It would only be a matter of time until something––or even someone––would trigger the bomb to blow up.

And knowing this, everyone at the office had been living fear, trying to commit no mistakes, or it would cost them their jobs.

"Mr. Fu, where are you going?" Hiram asked, catching up to his boss, who stormed out of his office in evident anger.

However, Charles ignored him and continued to stride his feet heavily while his lips were pressed into a thin line.

As Hiram tailed him, the grim look etched on Charles’ face didn’t escape his sight.

Because of this, Hiram immediately lowered his head until they reached the elevator.

The secretaries, whose desks were stationed near the lift, were flabbergasted to witness how Charles’ jaws hardened on his stern face. Even though it made him more handsome and seductive in that vibe, the staff were too frightened to even look at him.

"What's wrong with Mr. Fu?"

"Shh, I don't know. Keep your voice down!"

"If you want your bonus, just focus on your work!"

The curious secretaries lowered their heads while Hiram had caught up with Charles.

Then, as the elevator dinged open, the two quietly walked inside one after the other.

"Mr. Fu, where are we going?" Hiram asked again in a careful tone as soon as the lift landed at the basement parking.

"To the hospital," Charles replied gloomily, keeping his dark pair of eyes pierced in front of him.

"Oh, okay." Hiram nodded hesitantly and scoured for the keys in his pocket.

Since Charles was too heated and enraged, Hiram thought it might be best not to let him handle the wheels. So, he ran past him towards the car and opened the door for Charles.

"Mr. Fu, please get in the car," Hiram said respectfully while bowing slightly.

Squinting his eyes in utter annoyance, Charles quickly got in with his lips pursed into a straight line.

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