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   Chapter 261 A Horrible Woman

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Since Jessie had been suspended and Anna had been promoted, it was almost impossible for Jessie to come back.

Anna had gone abroad before, but she was worse than Jessie in character. Jessie liked money, and Anna liked power, and she would do anything to achieve her goal.

Jessie was a little stupid, silly and bad, she was at least responsible for the patients. But Anna was a sinister, an evil devil.

She would try her best to trample on anyone she didn't like, making the person unable to turn over for the rest of his life.

This woman was horrible.

With something on her mind, she walked into the office.

Erin came in and asked, "Nancy, do you need anti-inflammatory drugs for bed 12?"

"No, thanks. Let's wait and see." She rubbed her temples fretfully.

"Oh, I see." Erin turned around and walked outside.

"Wait a minute, Erin." Nancy stopped her.

Erin turned around and came back, "Nancy, do you have anything else to say?"

"Yeah." Nancy thought for a while and asked, "Jessie has been suspended for investigation. What do you think of such a punishment?"

Erin said cautiously, "Nancy, I only know that she has done a lot of bad things, but I have never thought of punishing her. I think there is something wrong with her character, but not a big deal. If she can't be a doctor, it seems a little pity. Alas, I'm also very contradictory. I don't know how to say, but after all, when someone makes mistakes, he should be punished, right?"

"Yes, no matter who did something wrong, he should be punished. This is the rule. But what if she apologizes? Should we give her another chance to start over?" Asked Nancy.

She did hate what Jessie had done in the past, but as a doctor, she knew that Jessie must have done a lot to get her current position. If she could correct her mistakes, she should be given a chance to correct them. She couldn't let her study be wasted like this. It was a pity if it was wasted. She fe

o cry.

"Nancy, I want to go to work, but Jay doesn't allow me to. By the way, he didn't go home last night. What do you think where he went? Did he go to other women? That man is very dissolute. I think he can't live without women. I'm pregnant now, and I can't satisfy him. He must have gone out to find women."

"Don't think too much. He is not an irresponsible man. You are a doctor, aren't you? You should be very open-minded. How can you let him..." Nancy wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. "Think about it carefully. Don't hold the man too tight, or he won't have his own space. The man is very annoyed with that."

"No, I can't catch him. He is free. He can go out whenever he wants and come back whenever he wants. Until now, I still doubt if he really loves me. Is he married me for love or for the disease of his grandfather?" Complained Doris.

"You are just too idle. If you are really worried about him, you can go to the group with him to be his personal secretary. You know where he goes and what kind of person he meets every day, so you don't have to think too much, right?" Nancy said half-jokingly and half-seriously.

"Okay, I'll do as you said. From tomorrow on, I'll go with him wherever he goes. I don't allow any women to hook up with him." Said Doris.

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