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   Chapter 234 See You Again

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"Dad, are you blind? We have been hurt so badly by Nancy. Why do you still speak for her? " Fannie cried again.

Clark waved his hand irritably, "Okay, when you get the money, let Nancy go! Don't torture her to death! "

"We won't. We just want her money. It's a piece of cake for her!" Jill said sincerely, as if she was a kind mother.

"Ah, whatever you want!" Clark said impatiently and went back to his room.

Jill and Fannie dragged Nancy towards the basement. And then they threw her to a corner.

"Fannie, what should we do now?" Jill looked at the unconscious Nancy and asked.

"Humph! Now that Nancy is in our hands, of course we should treat her well!" Fannie kicked Nancy's leg fiercely again.

"Mom, there is some medicine on my bedside table. Every time I give Caspar only a little. This time, we'll use it all!" Fannie said viciously, her eyes full of excitement.

She thought, 'Nancy, this time, I will make you live on better than death! Then let you give me all your money!'

Jill turned around and went upstairs.

"Mom, hurry up. I can't wait to see how embarrassed she is!" Fannie exhorted worriedly.

"I want to see it too!"

Jill was also a vicious person. In order to get Clark, she got Nancy's mom in a car accident that year.

And she married Clark as she wished and became a rich lady.

In the past few years, she had been arrogant and had a happy life.

Alas, if it weren't for Nancy, she would be more at ease.

Therefore, it was not easy to get a chance to punish Nancy today. How could she be soft hearted!

Jill poured a whole bag of medicine into the cup, stirred it, and smelled it. It was colorless and tasteless. Then she carried it back to the basement.

"That's great! Ha ha..." Fannie forcefully opened Nancy's mouth and poured the water in.

"Nancy, enjoy yourself." Fannie patted her on the face and said, "If you can survive this time, it's lucky for you. If you can't, you must give me

asked, "Do you deserve me? I've worked so hard to bring Nancy up, but as a result, Nancy, that ungrateful wolf, doesn't even call me mom. Why don't you think she's sorry for me? I... "

Jill cried as she spoke.

"Look at you. Why are you crying? I was just saying it!" Clark went upstairs, annoyed.

At this time, there was a sound of car from the courtyard.

"Is Caspar back?" Fannie said happily.

Clark stood up with the help of a wheelchair. He looked outside and saw a black sports car rushing in like a storm with anger. The person sitting inside was not Caspar at all, but Charles.

"Oh, crap! Charles is coming. Let's let Nancy go as soon as possible." Clark shouted nervously.

However, Jill scolded him, "Don't say anything. No matter what he ask, you just say you don't know. Do you hear me?"

"What a powerful man he is! We can't afford to offend him! Give Nancy to him now!" Clark said anxiously.

Clark was a timid man. Moreover, he felt sorry for Nancy now.

"Dad, no matter how powerful he is, he is still at our home. What are you afraid of?" Fannie urged, "If you don't want to see it, just stay away from it."

Fannie stood up and ran to the yard.

She bumped into the man who just broke in.

"Mr. Fu, it's my honor to meet you again!" Fannie said in a sweet voice.

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