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   Chapter 226 Stop

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6399

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Nancy looked up and saw Charles standing in front of her with a bright look.

And what he said was too imaginative.

"Oh?" Dylan looked embarrassed.

"Mr. Fu, you must be mistaken. There are so many women here, like Lena and Eileen. You must buy for them, right?" Said Nancy with a smile.

Charles glanced at Nancy and said, "I bought a cup of B last time, a little smaller, and now I bought a cup of D, which should be suitable for you. I'll help you try when we go back later!"

"You bastard!" Nancy was too angry to speak. This man was too insidious!

"What? Am I wrong? " Charles asked playfully.

He had asked his secretary to buy some clothes for her several times. He knew her size clearly. What else could she say?

"Mr. Fu, if you tell me this now, your mother will be very unhappy. Can you figure it out?" Said Nancy.

"Yes, Mr. Fu. I've heard that you have broken up. You should be more generous. If you have another woman, you should let go of Miss Ning!" Dylan, who was confused about the situation, spoke.

His words irritated Charles. "Who do you think you are? Get out!"

"Alas, Charles, why are you so unreasonable?" It was said that Charles was overbearing, but Nancy didn't expect that he would be so overbearing that he didn't allow others to speak!

Dylan was young, so he didn't mind what he said.

"Dylan, remember, you are not even qualified to reason with me!" Charles said gloomily, holding Nancy's hand and walking out!

Her wrist was pinched so hard that it hurt. She staggered and shouted angrily, "Let go of me, you bad man!"

With a gloomy face, Charles said nothing and dragged Nancy out.

"Wow, Charles, you are so cool!" Jay said admiringly.

"Why are you here, Jay?" Doris was not surprised at all that Charles took away Nancy. He was such a domineering man that he couldn't let Nancy meet any handsome young man.

Nancy provoked him

gelina came over and shouted angrily.

Nadia wrapped her arms around his neck in horror.

"Daddy, grandma is so fierce!" Nadia said in a trembling voice.

"Don't be afraid, Nadia." Charles comforted her, "Mom, there are so many people here. What are you yelling at?"

"How dare you ask me what I'm yelling at? I've found so many girls for you, but you just left regardless of anything. It's me who held the party tonight, and you just leave like this. Humph, if you leave like this, our mother-son relationship will come to an end. It's up to you! " Angelina shouted.

Yes, Angelina had prepared for the party for several days. Although everyone would come to the party for the sake of the Fu family, she would feel embarrassed if Charles left like this!

Nancy knew Angelina very well.

Angelina acted in an extreme way. She would hate Nancy more if Charles went with her today.

Nancy was not a coward, but considering Angelina at the menopause.

So Nancy said to him, "Charles, how about you stay here? Those girls like you very much, and it's not appropriate for you to leave. Anyway, you have to wait for the end of the party!"

"Daddy, I want you to go home with Mommy!" Said Bobby.

"I want daddy and mommy to go home together!" Nadia echoed.

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