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   Chapter 223 Compromise

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Therefore, Angelina decided to send invitations to wealthy families, saying that she was going to hold a party.

The truth was, she just wanted Charles to meet different girls from wealthy families.

Girls who were younger and lovelier than Nancy...

Afraid that Charles wouldn't come to the party, she kept it from him. She didn't call him until the party was about to begin, so he didn't have time to understand its theme.

"Go ahead, mom. What's up?" Charles asked.

"Oh, I'm so bored now. I wanted to hold a dinner party tonight, so I sent invitations to my friends. But you are not here, which seems to be too disrespectful to others. So, please come and attend the party. Besides, I haven't seen you for a long time, and I miss you," Angelina sobbed.

She knew that if she cried, her son would definitely agree. With a sigh, Charles replied, "Okay, I'll go home tonight."

"Thank you, son." A smile came across her face.

What she thought was true. Her fake tears worked!

"Daddy, where are you going?" Bobby was not happy with his decision. He was looking forward to their family dinner and he even thought they were going to watch a movie after. But his Daddy was going to leave now.

"Your grandmother wants to see me, so I'm going to pay her a visit." His gaze turned to Nancy when he stood up. "Nancy, I haven't been home for a long time. I'll go to a dinner party with my mother. Can you take a taxi home with the children?"

Although Nancy was very disappointed, she had no choice but to agree.

"Okay, just go and I will come home with the children. Don't worry." To convince him that it was okay, she flashed a small smile.

"Daddy, I want to watch a movie after dinner," Bobby said with grievance.

He and Nadia had always wanted to watch a movie with their parents.

"Yes, Daddy. Nadia wants to see it too," Nadia echoed.

"Kids, be good. Daddy will go with you tomorrow night, okay?" Charles didn't want to disappoint the children, but Angelina was his mother. He didn't have the heart to

e misunderstood him. It's impossible for him to go on a blind date," said Nancy.

With a snort, Doris continued, "Nancy, let me tell you. Angelina is going to hold a dinner party at the Hayworth Hotel tonight. But it's actually all about blind dates! I've seen it from Jay's WeChat moments. All the single men and women from the rich and powerful families attended it. Do you think they will bother to attend if it was a normal party? Humph! Charles went on a blind date. How can you be at ease?"

She thought that Angelina had used this way in order to prevent her from being with Charles. She didn't expect that Angelina still didn't give up trying to break them apart and even used such a strategy.

"I believe in him. He was also deceived by Angelina."

"Silly girl, Charles is your man. You have to get him back now!" Doris shouted.

Nancy looked at the two little kids beside her and asked, "But... How?"

"Come here quickly. We'll figure it out once you're here!" After Doris finished her words, she got down from the sofa and said, "Jay, take us to the Hayworth Hotel. I'm going to see what Charles is doing now."

"Doris, it has nothing to do with you! What's the point of you getting involved in the couple's business?" asked Jay.

"Are you going or not?" She grabbed his ear impatiently.

"Ouch! Fine, we will go!" he compromised.

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