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   Chapter 222 Why Are You So Happy After Fighting

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Charles looked at Nancy in disbelief. How could this little woman be so happy after fighting with others?

"Why are you laughing so happily after being beaten? Nancy, are you crazy? "

"No, no. Anna is no match for me at all. I don't abuse my power. I don't have a bad temper. It's Anna who bullies people too much. She hit a nurse in my department. I was so angry that I argued with her. Do you think I did it right?"

"Yes, you are right. I just thought it was that matter you mentioned last night. The police didn't deal with it, but you did it yourself. " Charles was still worried about her today, but he didn't get her call. Thinking that she didn't let him care, he didn't care.

He thought it might be a good chance to train her.

But he didn't expect that the two women would fight.

Even for a nurse?

"No, no. I have to take a long view. I have to teach Anna a lesson this time. She is so bossy in department. I just can't stand her arrogance!" Said Nancy.

"Well, I support you." Charles smiled, "Remember, if you have any problem, just call me. I will help you at any time!"

"Oh, I've told you that I can do myself!" Said Nancy impatiently.

"Okay." As soon as Nancy acted like a spoiled child, Charles would give in.

The two of them chatted and came to the kindergarten.

Charles seldom took her to the kindergarten to pick up Bobby and Nadia.

When Bobby and Nadia ran out of the kindergarten and saw Nancy, they smiled in shock. "Daddy, both you and Mommy pick us up today!"

"Yes!" Charles said with a smile.

"Mommy..." Nadia rushed to Nancy.

Nancy responded and held Nadia in her arms.

"Daddy!" Bobby came over like an adult, "I have something to ask you."

"Just say it!" When Charles saw the two children, his eyes were full of smile.

"Can Mommy and daddy pick us up every day?"

Nancy's happy face darkened when he heard Bobby's words.

"Ahem Mommy i

appy. Why did his mother call him now?

"Mom?" Charles asked coldly.

"Oh, Mr. Fu, you still remember that I'm your mother. I thought you forgot! " Angelina said in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

She didn't forget that Charles and Nancy were together these days.

Of course she didn't want them to be together. Otherwise, she wouldn't have published the lonely-hearts ad on the newspaper for her son.

Of course, there were a lot of women, but Charles didn't see any of them.

However, Joseph was surrounding Angelina every day. "Auntie, just introduce some women to me. After all, I'm the master of the Fu family. I can deal with these women for my brother. Ha ha..."

Tired of dealing with those women, Angelina gave their phone numbers to him.

Therefore, Joseph went out early and came back late every day and began to date with all kinds of women.

Seeing him busy, Angelina thought of her son again.

Charles took Bobby to live in Nancy's house. She felt sad as she didn't see her son all day long.

"Dad, what do you think we should do about it?" Angelina asked Frederic.

Frederic remained silent.

Charles ran away from home with Bobby. What could he say?

Last time, Nadia almost had an accident because of Dorothy.

He was afraid now!

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