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   Chapter 220 Why Are You Afraid Of Her

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Nancy grabbed Anna's arm and said, "Nurse Li, why are you afraid of her? How did she hit you? You fight her back! "

"Dr. Nancy, don't go too far!" Anna didn't expect that Nancy would defend this nurse so much.

"Well, Dr. Nancy, take your time. Don't be angry. I told you at that time that Dr. Anna was young and impulsive, and it was inevitable for her to be thoughtless when doing things. Don't lower yourself to the same level as her! " Jessie wanted to reconcile the dispute.

"Jessie, I'm not talking to you now. I'm asking Anna!" Nancy looked at Erin angrily, "You say. Did she hit you or did you happen to bump into her?"

At this time, Nancy looked like a parent who was protecting her children. She would never allow anyone to bully her subordinates.

No matter how stupid Erin was, she knew that Nancy was backing her up. She straightened her back and said, "it was Anna who slapped me and she called me a bitch..."

There was no embarrassment on Anna's face. She raised her chin arrogantly and said, "Even if I hit you, so what? You bumped into me, don't you allow me to hit you? Humph! "

"I didn't!" Erin Li argued, "I just went to the ward and you came out of the operating room. How could I bump into you? If you don't believe me, you can check the surveillance video! "

Anna didn't expect that the usually listless Erin Li would shout at her, so she said arrogantly, "I just hit you. What's wrong?"

These words were too annoying. Nancy couldn't bear that Anna bullied others casually just because she was from a rich family.

At that time, Kathy and Betty looked down upon her and Doris just because they are the poor. Nancy didn't know how could she live such a coward life at that time? How did she endure it?

Even if Kathy liked Ethan, she wouldn't hate her so much.

Although Nancy had forgiven Kathy, it didn't mean that she could forgive An

ich belonged to Anna.

There was a rule in the hospital that the doctor had to tie up their hair during work, but Anna's hair was always tangled around her shoulders as long as she didn't have an operation.

Today was her punishment for breaking the rules!

"It's all her fault. She bullied me!" Anna cried.

"Dr. Nancy has been here for a long time. I've never heard that she bullied anyone? Alas, I think it must be a misunderstanding. Well, Dr. Anna, we are colleagues. If there is any misunderstanding, just explain it. Don't hit others casually. It's beneath your dignity. " The guard persuaded.

In the past, Nancy thought it was really impolite to fight, so she was used to endurance.

Now, Nancy couldn't stand any more!

But it was also fun to fight!

"Yes. There is just a small misunderstanding between Anna and me. It's not a big deal." Nancy said with a smile. After all, she was the director of the Second Pediatric Department. Once today's matter got out, it would had a bad effect on her. Since she had the upper hand, she should clear up the mess. So, she said with a smile, "Dr. Anna, forget it. Don't be wronged. It's my fault. I shouldn't have stood up for Nurse Li. She is timid, so don't be against her anymore, okay?"

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