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   Chapter 217 It's Really Her

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When Charles and Nancy were about to leave, Bobby opened the door and walked out of Nadia's room.

"Daddy, Mommy..."

Nancy rubbed Bobby's head and said, "Well, you are such a good boy. Go back to your room and have a rest."

"Okay, Mommy. Good night, daddy."

"Good night."

After saying goodnight, Charles and Nancy walked towards their room.

They thought Bobby went back to his room too.

To their surprise, he followed them. Charles asked him curiously, "Bobby, what are you doing here?"

"I want to see how Daddy and mommy give birth to a baby. It's been a long time. Why isn't Mommy pregnant yet? I need to supervise you!" If what Bobby said wasn't embarrassing, Nancy could've said he looked cute when he crossed his arms and glared at them.

Nancy's face immediately turned red. She helplessly looked at Charles, because she didn't know how to answer the child.

Charles bent down and looked at him. "Bobby, making a baby is an adult's business, and children can't get involved. If you are really curious, I will hire a first teacher for you. Do you think it is necessary?"

His voice was gentle yet serious.

He felt that children now were more mature and curious. As a father, he found it difficult to explain these things to Bobby.

Although Nancy was a doctor, it seemed that she couldn't educate Bobby in this matter as well.

"There's no need. Daddy, let me have a look," Bobby insisted.

He just wanted to know how he and Nadia came to this world.

But why did Mommy blush?

It seemed that Bobby wouldn't quit till he got what he wanted. "Bobby, don't be so stubborn, okay?"

Charles raised his voice, trying to get Bobby back to his room.

But it only made Bobby angry. He grabbed Nancy's hand and glared at him. "Nadia is asleep. Tell me, how can Mommy get pregnant?"

"Charles, you go to the guest room first." Facing such a stubborn Bobby, Nancy had to get rid of Charles.

"Okay, I'm tired. I'll go to bed." With a sigh, he walked to t

the time to frame you?"

"She is arrogant and she came from a wealthy family. Her father is the boss of a big company, so when she came to the hospital, she regarded me as her opponent, so..." Until now, she was still clueless about the real reason why Anna did it.

"Nancy, what do you need me to do? As I've said, I'm always your strong support. You can depend on me. Tell me, how should I help you?" he asked worriedly.

Knowing that she was tired from all her hard work in the hospital, he didn't want her to deal with these problems herself.

She was really wronged!

With a sly smile, she said, "As I've said, I have to solve this matter alone. You don't have to help me. You're already tired from taking care of the children, so let me handle these matters myself."

"You are so confident. Can you tell me how you will solve it?" He kissed her on the cheek.

Nancy clicked on the phone. "I have an evidence to show you."

She turned on the recording and put it in his ear.

His face hardened.

Anyway, he was the biggest shareholder of the hospital now. And he didn't expect that someone dared to do bad things in the hospital.

His jaw clenched. "Nancy, who is this woman?"

Charles was not familiar with Anna's voice and didn't recognize her instantly.

Nancy's face became serious. "It's Anna."

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