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   Chapter 211 What Was She Afraid Of

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In the afternoon, Nancy went to work in the hospital.

The first thing she did was to visit Boyd in the ward.

At this time, he had calmed down, with his wife accompanying him.

"Doctor Nancy is here." Seeing Nancy come in, the woman quickly stood up.

Nancy nodded and asked, "What happened to Mr. Boyd yesterday? Did he have such symptoms before?"

The woman thought for a while and shook her head. "No, everything was fine yesterday. Nothing happened."

"Okay, I know." After saying that, she comforted the woman and walked out.

Everything was so weird.

How could a man suddenly lose control of his mind without any history?

She came to the medicine room.

"Who sent the medicine to Boyd yesterday?" Nancy asked Doctor Li.

"Director, it's me. The medicine should be all right! Boyd's wound has almost been recovered. I've brought him an anti-inflammatory drug. It won't go wrong anyway." Doctor Li said affirmatively.

After thinking for a while, she continued, "Are you sure that the medicine hasn't been changed?"

Doctor Li shook her head. Suddenly, she said, "When I sent the medicine, I suddenly felt a stomachache and then went to the bathroom. Is it..."

"Okay, go back to your work." Said Nancy.

"Yes." Then she left.

Nancy came to the monitoring room and said, "Please get the surveillance video of last night for me."

"Alas, madam, to be honest, we are checking it now. The surveillance camera was broken for no reason yesterday." The staff in charge of monitoring said with a sad face.

Nancy was stunned. Was it a coincidence or an intention?

What a coincidence?

Her chest was so stuffy that she couldn't breathe.

It seemed that there was someone behind it who had been controlling everything.

'Who is the person?'

Although she was very upset, she had to cheer up and prepare for the operation in the afternoon.

She turned off her phone and walked into the operating room.

Although she was concentrated, the operation was still delayed for half an hour. She had to in

arable past, like a poisonous bonny, strangled her neck.

It turned out that people would really easily deny themselves. Suddenly, she felt that she was useless and she could do nothing well.

She blamed herself over and over again.

She didn't want to go anywhere. She just wanted to stay alone.

Until the door was opened.

The light was on.

Charles appeared in front of her.

"What's wrong, Nancy?" Charles said in a gentle voice.

With a bitter smile, Nancy said, "Nothing. What are you doing here?"

She couldn't tell anyone about her terrible past, could she?

Even Charles.

She was never a girl who liked to tell her sadness to others. She would only hide it.

Being strong was just a disguise to deceive herself, but she was used to it.

"Nancy, what happened?" Charles asked.

"No, I'm just a little tired." Said Nancy tiredly.

"Too tired to turn on your phone?" Charles came over and asked.

"I forgot." She stood up, unbuttoned her white coat and said slowly.

Looking at Nancy like this, Charles felt very sorry for her.

He didn't like her to be in guard. Even if she gave her body to him, she didn't want to share her secrets with him.

This made Charles very depressed.

She could have lived a more relaxed life. She could have given herself to him and lived a happy life.

What was she afraid of?

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