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   Chapter 210 Self Assertion

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"Who is she?" Charles knew that there was a doctor called Anna Wang in the hospital, but he had never seen her before.

"Anna Wang." Said Nancy, enduring the pain.

Isn't Anna the girl who stepped on Nancy on purpose?

"Hello, Mr. Fu. Nice to meet you. I was on duty today and happened to see the incident. That man has a mental problem that he made so much trouble!" Anna said politely and came to Nancy. "Come on, Doctor Nancy. It's our surgeon's specialty to do such a thing!"

After saying that, she picked up Nancy's arm and moved it quickly. With a click, Nancy's arm returned to its original condition.

"Thank you, Doctor Anna." Putting aside other things, it was Anna who helped her. It was reasonable for her to say thank you, thought Nancy.

"We are colleagues. You are welcome. If you need any help, just let me know!" Anna said with a smile.

Now she was not as cruel as before.

It would be nice if it was her real appearance, thought Nancy.

"Thank you, Doctor Anna. I'm fine now." Said Nancy politely.

"There is a wound on your arm. Let me help you deal with it." Anna said as she bent down.

"Don't bother. It's not a big deal." Nancy refused.

"Well, then I won't bother you two. Mr. Fu, please call me if you need anything." Anna didn't insist. She stood up and looked at Charles.

"Okay." Replied Charles.

Anna went out.

Nancy was blowing on the bruise on her arm. It was painful now.

"Let me do it." Charles took the disinfected instruments and medicine, slowly unbuttoned Nancy's clothes and took them off.

When the coat was off, he found that there was flesh and blood on her arm.

"Nancy, why are you so stubborn? There is an air cushion downstairs. Even if Boyd falls down, his life will not be in danger. Why don't you let go?" Looking at Nancy's wound, Charles felt very remorseful and distressed.


, I have always wanted to ask you. Anna looks nice and cares about you very much. When you are tired in the future, you can ask her to do the surgery for you. We should also give others a chance, it's trust and exercise for them, so they can grow fast!"

"But I think she..." Nancy frowned and wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

"Continue?" Charles asked. He thought that Anna was a decisive woman. As a doctor, she needed more exercise, so he hoped to give more opportunities to the new comers.

With a shrug, Nancy said, "You can train her, but you can't lay a finger on the idea of our department. I don't trust that girl!"

"Why?" Charles asked in confusion.


Could Nancy say that Anna hurt her by posting news on the school forum?

She couldn't tell him that, could she?

She didn't have any evidence yet!

But even if she had evidence, what could she do?

But there was one thing she didn't understand. Why did Anna always target at her?

Was it just a competition or something else?

Anna was on duty last night, so she should be very clear about what had happened to Boyd. Yes, she should ask Anna what had happened to him last night.

She felt that there was something wrong with Boyd.

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