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   Chapter 209 Why Was She Here

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"Jay, your wife is pregnant with your child. Can you stop gossiping about others and take care of your wife now?" Charles said as he put out the cigarette.

"Of course. My wife is my baby now!" With a smile, Jay ran to Doris and said, "Honey, you didn't drink, did you?"

"I did. So what?" Doris acted coquettishly.

"Well, it's good to drink some, ha ha." As soon as he heard what Doris said, he immediately held her. Now he understood more and more that he could do anything as long as he followed her personality.

She opened the door and let her in.

"Nancy, we are leaving now." Doris rolled down the window and said to Nancy.

"Bye." Nancy waved her hand.

Then Jay drove away.

"Honey, shall we go home too?" Charles couldn't learn from the way Jay looked, but could he talk as Jay did?

Nancy smiled, "Why don't you stay at home with the children? Why are you here?"

"I'm also afraid that my wife will be taken away, so I come to see you." Charles opened the door and said.

"Well, I find that you've learned a lot from Jay!" Said Nancy with a smile, sitting in the car.

"Yes, as long as my wife likes it." Charles said and sat in the driver's seat.

All of a sudden, Nancy saw a car speeding away. She narrowed her eyes and saw a woman sitting in the driver's seat. She looked like Anna.

Was she wrong?

"What? What are you thinking about?" Charles asked.

"Nothing, nothing." She was afraid that she might have seen it wrong, so she said perfunctorily.

As soon as she finished her words, her phone rang.

It was a call from Doctor Li.

"Director, something is wrong. The patient with leg infection a few days ago suddenly wanted to jump off the building today!"

There was a "buzz" in Nancy's head.

"Have you called the police?" Asked Nancy anxiously.

"I've called the police. They won't come until a while later." Doctor Li was so worried that she was about to cry.

Nancy said at once, "Tell the police not to come in for the time being, in case of irritating the patient. I'll go there immediately."

"What's wrong?" Charles asked.

"Hurry up to the hospital. There is a patient i

ng Boyd's leg.

Boyd struggled, "Let me go, don't let me go, waah..."

He cried randomly. He must be very scared.

Nancy's arm was so painful that it was numb. She thought that as long as she didn't let go of him, he wouldn't fall.

She bit her lips tightly, but she didn't feel that her lips were broken.

Fortunately, Charles had held Boyd in his arms. He lifted him up with great strength, which made Nancy feel a little more relaxed.

Finally, Boyd was dragged up.

"Take Boyd away." Said Nancy weakly, looking at Charles who was still outside the guardrail.

Without the gravity of Boyd, Charles jumped over the guardrail easily.

Nancy didn't sit on the ground until Charles' feet fell to the ground.

Charles bent over and pulled Nancy up. "Are you all right?"

Nancy nodded with a smile.

Charles' hand felt something wet. He frowned and lowered his head. He saw that Nancy's arm was bloody red.

"Are you hurt?" Charles wanted to hold up Nancy's arm to check.

"Ouch, it hurts!" The pain in her arm was unbearable. "It seems that my arm has dislocated."

"I'll carry you to the ward." Charles carried Nancy on his back and came to the ward.

"Do you need a doctor?" Charles asked.

With sweat all over her face, Nancy said in pain, "No, I can do it myself."

"No, No. Director, it hurts so much. I'm here!" At this time, Anna came in with a smile.

Nancy was stunned. Why was she here?

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