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   Chapter 207 Envy

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6270

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Kathy was so angry that she called Betty Zhao.

"Damn it, girl. I thought you went to the outer star. Why didn't I see you recently?"

Kathy lowered her shoulders and said dejectedly, "I didn't go to the outer star, but I think it will be soon."

"Why do you sound listless? Tell me, what did you do recently?"

Kathy sighed and said melancholy, "I was caught by a classmate recently."

"What? Steven? He is your husband. Isn't it normal that he hooks up with you? You had sex?"

"Yeah, but not by him."

"Damn it! Then who is it? Kathy, how dare you cheat on Steven? Are you going to divorce him or what?"

Kathy felt a sharp pain in her head.

"It's not what you think. Let's meet first!" It was not easy to explain in a few words.

"Okay, see you at Time Coffee."

Twenty minutes later, Kathy appeared in the coffee shop.

She deliberately took a photo of Ethan in front of Betty Zhao and said, "Look, he is from the same school with us."

"Wow! This man is so handsome. You had sex with him?" Looking at Ethan on the phone, Betty Zhao was infatuated with him.


"That's not bad. It's not bad to have sex with such a handsome man. Who is he?"

"He is a clinical major. His name is Ethan Ye." Kathy told the truth.

"What? Damn it! No wonder he looks so familiar. It turns out to be Ethan Ye. God. girl, you are so handsome!" Betty Zhao smiled, "But... Doesn't Steven mind it?"

"He doesn't know." Kathy rolled her eyes at Betty Zhao, "Are you gloating?"

"Ha ha, how could it be? You are my best friend. I think Ethan is so handsome that many women want to marry him. How about you divorce Steven and marry him?" Betty Zhao said slowly.

Kathy raised her hand and threw the straw at Betty Zhao. "This man is still at school. How could you want me to marry him?"

Betty Zhao stretched out her hand to grab it and smiled wic

re, but have you ever thought about us? Since our company went bankrupt, our family has been protected by Xiao family. If you divorce Steven, how can we live?"

"Alas, Kathy, you are so thoughtless..." Edith Zhang said coldly.

"You're thoughtful. You marry Steven. I won't marry him anyway!" Kathy didn't care about anything.

"What's wrong with you?" Edith Zhang straightened her back and got angry.

"Just as what you see!"

"Kathy, I have to put it straight. You are not welcome in our family." Edith Zhang held her waist, pretending to drive Kathy away.

"Fine." After saying that, Kathy took her suitcase and moved into the dormitory of the medical school.

Ethan had been hiding from her since what happened between them.

Now Kathy was free.

Therefore, she began to pursue Ethan fiercely.

However, Ethan didn't even look at her.

Every day, he followed behind Nancy.

For so many years, Kathy hated Nancy very much.

Therefore, when Nancy was with Charles now, she was envious of her and then felt lucky.

She hoped to have a story with Ethan, but the way Ethan looked at Nancy just now made her heart cold.

"Nancy, let's drink." Kathy shook off the past, picked up a glass of wine and said to Nancy.

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