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   Chapter 206 That Night

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Ethan still remembered that night.

And although it was a long time, he could recall how he had feelings for Nancy at that time.

Moreover, he was also drunk, so if something happened between them, he was sure it was caused by hormones and had nothing to do with love.

That night, Kathy kept bugging and cursing Steven. Obviously, she was already under the influence of alcohol.

‘How much did she drink?’ Ethan thought as the smell of alcohol penetrated his nose while helping Kathy stand on her feet.

"Drink some water," he said, holding a glass before her mouth.

Kathy drank it in a fit of anger and squinted her eyes in a daze. "Honey, you are so kind. You are much better than Steven. That bastard always bullies me. But I still have to thank him tonight. Otherwise, I wouldn't have met you."

Ethan's face darkened while his jaw hardened. "Naughty girl. Stop talking, okay?"

If someone else heard these words, they’d probably mistaken the situation and think of something else.

What was worse, the woman in his arms was so drunk that she couldn't hear anything clearly anymore.

"Ethan, my good sister is so jealous of me. You love me, right? You know that I love you very much, very, very much..." As Kathy spoke, she leaned forward and kissed Ethan's lips.

Before the latter could even react, their lips locked––much to his irritation.

‘How could she take me as Steven?’

As he thought of that, Ethan couldn’t help biting Kathy's lips.

But to his surprise, the little girl even smiled as if she didn't feel any pain. Instead, she whispered, "You’re one bad man, huh? How can you be worse than that evil Steven?"

Upon hearing this, he furiously lifted Kathy up and patted her on the shoulder, warning, "Kathy, if you keep talking, you'll get into trouble."

"Ahh!!! How could you slap me?! I hate you..." Maybe it was because Steven had, time and again, hurt her and she was under too much pressure that Kathy really cried.

Tears rolled down her cheeks like a river. More than that, she began to weep as if someone was whipping the shit out of her.


ust a step closer to Ethan––she would be doomed eternally.

"Ethan, you bastard!" she yelled one more time before opening the door.

But the unapologetic man merely stared at her disappearing figure and uttered, "Kathy, remember, it's you who seduced me."

Helpless and utterly lost, Kathy ignored him and left without looking back.

Then, she called Steven to explain what happened last night.

"Steven..." Her voice was shaking. Obviously she was about to cry at any moment.

"Hello, Kathy." Meanwhile, Steven’s voice rang from the other line, causing her to freeze while beads of cold sweat formed on her forehead.

For a moment, she wanted to ask him if he’d divorce her should something happen between Ethan and her.

"I know you're doing this for my own good. Don't worry. I trust you. Well, if there's nothing else, I'll hang up. I have a project to review. I love you. Bye."

Without waiting for Kathy's answer, Steven hung up the phone, leaving the former even more lost than before.

The poor woman was forlorn; her wobbly legs were on the verge of giving up. She called to tell him everything, but he just dismissed her because of some project he had to review?

How could Steven be so indifferent? She was his wife!

As Kathy dwelled into a self-pity party, she felt the tears flowing on her face. And that moment, nothing could describe the pain that mantled her heart.

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