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   Chapter 205 Ethan Likes Nancy

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6466

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"Thank you." A bitter smile appeared on Kathy's face. She was so unlucky to be tricked into such a terrible marriage.

"We are having a party in Room 302 of Glamour Nightclub. Kathy, come and join us. We can get to know each other." Another message popped up.

"Okay." Kathy agreed without hesitation. Anyway, she had no place to go this night.

Glamour Nightclub was the biggest entertainment place in the city. Most of the people here were rich.

Kathy was caught in the rain and looked a little embarrassed.

As soon as she entered the private room, there was a warm applause.

It was the first time that Kathy came to such a party, so she was inevitable to be shy.

But to her surprise, there was no depressed and sad atmosphere here. On the contrary, it was very happy and warm.

Several bottles of expensive red wine and several expensive cigarettes were placed in front of the women. They were dressed in fashion and had exquisite makeup.

They didn't look like women who was tortured by marriage at all.

"Hello, everyone. I'm Kathy Jiang."

"We are sisters. Don't be so polite. Come and sit here. My name is Randy, and I'm thirty-eight years old. This is Ella, Helen, Bonnie..."

Kathy rubbed her hands uneasily, greeted everyone, and then sat down beside Randy.

"You look younger than me. Sister, how old are you?" Randy held Kathy's hand and asked earnestly.

"Twenty years old." Said Kathy.

"Wow, you are so young. Why are you delayed by that bastard?" "Waiters, ask Lance, Andrew, and Enoch here. Thank you!" Randy continued, "Find a good-looking young man."

"Okay, Randy." The waitress replied.

Soon several men followed the waiter in.

"Okay, sisters." The men were tall and handsome. They glanced at Kathy and asked, "Is she new here?"

"Yes, everyone. This is Kathy." Randy lit a cigarette and waved at a shy boy. Then he pointed at Kathy and said, "You're also a ne

d shook her head.

She only had one good friend, who was in the dormitory now.

Ethan frowned. This woman looked like a stray cat.

"Hey, this is the men's bathroom. Why is there a woman standing here? You two..." At this moment, a drunken man came in. When he was about to unzip it, he saw Kathy and shouted.

"Jimmy, what did you say?" Several men came in.

"Fuck off!" Ethan sneered and walked out arrogantly with his arm around Kathy's shoulder.

"Alas..." The men looked at each other, but when they saw Ethan's cold aura, they didn't dare to make trouble again.

"Sir, sir..." Kathy shouted in succession. It was inappropriate to go with a strange man.

"Kathy, if I'm not mistaken, you are a freshman of medical school, and I'm Ethan, a clinical major."

In this way, Kathy remembered Ethan's name.

Later, she asked her father to find the president and transferred her to clinical major.

She had planned to have a vigorous relationship with Ethan, but she didn't expect that he liked Nancy.

From then on, the arrogant Kathy had regarded Nancy as her biggest opponent and laughed at her.

Maybe it was because of what happened to her that she became more and more domineering and vanity.

She just wanted to show her ability in front of Nancy.

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