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   Chapter 204 What Happened That Year

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It was just an accident.

Ethan played games with other students. The rule was that whoever lost had to say the one he or she liked.

When Ethan lost the game, he spoke out Nancy's name.

In this way, everyone in the school knew that Ethan had a crush on Nancy.

As for Kathy, she married once, which others didn't know but Nancy knew it.

Ethan also knew that.

At that time, Ethan didn't know Kathy.

If Kathy hadn't been drunk and met Ethan, she wouldn't have been transferred to the same class with Ethan!

Nancy had never told anyone that Kathy's boyfriend was as good as Drew.

Kathy knew that Nancy knew that very well, so she hated Nancy more.

Her marriage with Steven Xiao was a secret.

It was her father who forced her to marry Steven Xiao for the interests of the company. Steven Xiao was so handsome that Kathy once thought she had found her true love.

But after getting married, they slept in separate rooms for half a month. Steven Xiao said she was sick, but Kathy foolishly believed it.

Until that day when she went to the parking lot to drive after school, there was a prompt tone on WeChat. Kathy stopped and clicked it.

The person who sent the message was not her familiar friend or classmate, but a strange number that she just added a few days ago. She didn't take it seriously and didn't delete it.

But then she saw the pictures sent to her by this number. Shocked, Kathy stood still.

Her husband, Steven Xiao, was naked with a man. Well, it didn't seem to be a problem for a man to be naked with a man. The problem was what the two men were doing something.

Kathy felt the blood all over her body rush to her head.

"Honey, I'm sorry. I haven't recovered yet."

"Honey, I'm very tired today."

After getting married for half a month, Steven Xiao used various excuses to deceive her.

She naively believed that his excuses were true. After all, it would hurt his self-esteem when a man had sexual dysfunction.

Therefore, in order to make Steven Xiao recover as soon as pos

, "I can't!"

"What do you mean?" Steven's voice finally cooled down.


"What do you mean? Kathy, you can't bear loneliness. You betray me, do you?" Steven Xiao gritted his teeth.

Kathy could no longer hold back her anger. She shouted in a low voice, "Even if I betray you, it must be a man, not like you, it's..."

Before she finished her words, Steven Xiao slapped her on the face, "Kathy, you are so shameless. You can't stand it just because I didn't touch you for two years, can you?"

Kathy's face was burning, but she gritted her teeth and sneered.

This was the man she married. How blind she was!

Yes, this man was pretending to be gentle to her, in order to trap her in this marriage and cover up the terrible scandal for him.

No matter how stupid Kathy was, she couldn't expect such a man to turn around, could she?

Then, Kathy raised her foot and kicked Steven Xiao in the abdomen.

She didn't know how much strength she had used. Anyway, when she kicked down, Steven Xiao took two steps back and fell on the bookshelf.

"Ouch! You bitch! How dare you hit me!"

Kathy grabbed her bag and rushed out of the bedroom.

She couldn't stay in the same room with him this night.

It was raining heavily outside.

Without an umbrella, Kathy wandered on the street like a homeless ghost and didn't know where to go.

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