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   Chapter 201 Don't Bully Mommy

Sweet Twins: Indulge in Daddy's Love By Lou Yu Characters: 6234

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"You're pressing me to death. Get out of my way. I'm taking something," Nancy said, nudging Charles.

"Take what?" Charles' heart was like a fire burning hot. And Nancy was the ice. She just ignored him and let him burn. Charles pinched Nancy's waist and didn't move.

He was afraid that this little woman would take the opportunity to escape. If so, he would not get what he wanted.

"I won't run away. I'll give it to you." Said Nancy sincerely.

"What I want is you. What else do you want?" Smiling wickedly, he still didn't let her go.

At this moment, he had thought it wrong. At this critical point, the thing that Nancy gave him must be male goods.

As a hot blooded man, he was full of energy and strong. What he needed was a woman, not some instruments. This damn Nancy wanted to perfunctory him with instruments just because she was a doctor, didn't she?

Charles' face darkened. He looked at Nancy angrily, "I want you. I want nothing but you."

"I know, but get up a little. I have something to take, and then we will do it!" Being encircled by Charles, she felt almost suffocated.

She couldn't figure out what was wrong with him!

"I won't run!" Said Nancy.

"What the hell are you taking?" Finally, he let go of her.

Nancy glanced at him angrily, got out of bed and took a condom.

"You don't know this?" She threw it to Charles.

Because she had calculated that it was her safe period these days. She was really afraid of being pregnant. Now there were rumors everywhere. If she was pregnant again, she would be in big trouble.

Looking at the condom, Charles' face darkened. He didn't like it the most. It was uncomfortable to wear it.

"If you don't need it, you can sleep now." Nancy didn't compromise.

"Okay, but you have to be obedient." Charles continued to act shamelessly.

"Charles!" Nancy

oor, she raised her head and said to Charles, "Daddy, be careful. Don't let mommy hurt again!"

"Yes, daddy will be careful." Said Charles.

Bobby and Nadia finally returned to their rooms.

Nancy breathed a sigh of relief. She looked at Charles with a reproachful look and said, "It's all your fault."

Charles shushed her immediately, indicating that she should keep silent.

Thinking of what had just happened, Nancy smiled.

She thought that a couple with children should be careful when they did something at night.

She threw the condom back to Charles and looked at him stubbornly.

What she meant by her eyes was that if he wanted to do something, he have to take it. Otherwise, he could do nothing. As soon as she shouted, the kids came in. He couldn't do anything.

Charles had no choice but to take it.

So Charles had to open the box obediently and put on the condom.

Then he threw the box away and looked at Nancy greedily.

Now everything was ready except one thing to put out his fire.

Of course, Nancy was the one who put out the fire for him.

Now that they were ready, Nancy knew that she had no way to escape tonight, so she had to cooperate.

She couldn't scream again to avoid him.

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