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   Chapter 199 Tenderness Is The Best Weapon For Women

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However, the two children kept her unintentional words in mind.

Therefore, the problem that she had to face every day was like, "Mommy, are you busy now?"

"Mommy, when will you stop working?"

As long as she came back from work, Bobby and Nadia would ask her the same question again and again.

This made her exhausted.

Charles was happy to see that.

It seemed that the two kids were forcing her to marry him.

What made Nancy even more unacceptable was that the two children kept asking, "Mommy, is there a little baby in your belly? One month will come soon. We have made a deal that you will give Bobby and Nadia a little brother or sister!"

Nancy was speechless. "Kids, Mommy, is still preparing..."

"Prepare what?" Nadia asked, tilting her head.

"Now, no baby wants me to be his or her mother. In other words, no baby wants your father to be his or her father yet." Nancy explained lamely.

"Bobby, why can't I understand what mommy meant?" Nadia blinked her big eyes and asked Bobby.

Bobby blinked his big eyes and smiled. He said, "I see. Mommy means that the little baby hasn't chosen mommy to be his or her mommy, so as our daddy!"

"Is that so, mommy?" Nadia asked in disbelief.

"Well, that's true!" Nancy nodded, "Bobby, you are right!"

Charles smiled secretly and said, "Well, your younger brother and sister are on their way here, so you should eat well, sleep well, take good care of yourself and welcome them, okay?"

"Got it!" The two kids answered at the same time.

It was not easy for her to wait for the two children to go to bed, and Nancy was also exhausted.

"Sure enough, they are too energetic!" She complained to Charles.

In fact, before she knew that Bobby was her own son, she would never say these words for fear of hurting Bobby's sensitive and fragile heart.

But now it was really dif

ing. Are you ready?" She sat on the sofa, with her legs on the legs of Jay, who was carefully manicuring her nails.

Since Nancy warned Jay, he had really become cautious.

He didn't dare to joke with Doris anymore.

What he asked most was "Honey, what do you want to eat? I'll cook for you myself."

At first, Doris looked at him in confusion, thinking that he was just on a whim.

"Are you out of your mind?" Asked Doris disdainfully.

At this time, Jay raised his hand and swore, "Honey, I'm absolutely not crazy. I sincerely feel that my wife is the most important woman in the family, so it's my responsibility to take good care of you. Of course, I'm willing to do it!"

Hearing that, Doris burst into laughter.

"Good boy!" As she spoke, she gave a sweet kiss to Jay.

It was such a simple move that attracted Jay so much that he became more diligent to serve her.

Finally, Doris knew what it meant to say that tenderness was the best weapon for women.

Well, gentleness is indeed much easier to use than toughness!

Therefore, as long as she wanted something, she would say in a gentle voice, "Honey, can you help me?"

Hearing the soft voice of Doris, the whole body of Jay was soft. How could he refuse her?

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