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   Chapter 194 What Are You Doing

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Looking at her embarrassed look, Bobby held Nadia's hand and said, "Auntie, since it's far away, please give us a direction and we'll find it ourselves."

"You are so young. It's dangerous for you to go there. How about I give you a ride?" The woman said courteously.

"Okay." Bobby agreed.

The woman held the hands of the two babies and walked for a while. She looked down at Nadia, only to find that the little girl was depressed.

The boy also looked listless. "Are you hungry?"

Bobby pursed his lips and said nothing.

Nadia nodded.

She was more likely to be hungry than Bobby. When she thought of the food, her stomach rumbled.

"Let's find a restaurant to eat." The woman said with a gentle smile.

Bobby and Nadia nodded at the same time.

Bobby thought for a while and said, "Auntie, as long as we find our mommy, she will give you the money you spend on us."

"Yes, auntie. Don't worry. Our mommy is a doctor. She will give you money." Nadia added.

"Well, you are all very obedient children. Now that I have met you, it is natural for me to send you back. Don't worry about money. All right?" The woman complained, "Let's go to eat dumplings."

Bobby was also hungry, so he had no doubt about the woman's kindness.

He and Nadia followed the woman to the dumpling shop.

The woman ordered two pounds of dumplings, which were pork and leek fillings.

After ordering, she went out.

Bobby turned his head and saw her anxiously on the phone outside the window, as if something bad had happened.

"Bobby, what is that auntie doing?" Nadia asked curiously.

"I don't know. She must be calling her family." Said Bobby.

"Will she really take us to find Mommy?" Somehow, Nadia was a little worried.

"Will she? She doesn't look like a bad person!" Said Bobby.

At this moment, the waiter served the dumplings. "Please enjoy."

Nadia picked

ma and Nancy was so anxious that she didn't know what to do.

She didn't dare to leave for even a second.

Fortunately, after two bottles of medicine, the baby was saved.

Nancy then breathed a sigh of relief.

Now, it suddenly occurred to Doris that the children hadn't entered the kindergarten when she fainted. She was inexplicably worried.

"It's okay. Don't worry. I'll make a phone call later," said Nancy.

"Don't wait for a while. Now." Doris handed her phone to Nancy.

At this time, Nancy had never thought that something would happen to the children, so she took over the phone and called the teacher of the kindergarten.

The teacher called Nancy many times today, but her phone was powered off.

She called Charles but failed to get through.

The teachers thought that maybe the children had something to deal with today and didn't come to the kindergarten, so she gave up calling.

Nancy said gently, "Miss, are Bobby and Nadia in the kindergarten?"

The teacher was stunned by her words. After a long while, she said, "Miss Ning, we haven't seen them today. They didn't come to the kindergarten. We called you and Mr. Fu, but couldn't get through. And we thought there was something wrong with the children. What happened?"

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